March 14, 2010

Los Angeles Twilight Convention Day 2, 3, 4.5

Friday, March 12

LA and I registered for our seats early in the morning so that we would get the schedule and be on time to the events. Around 1:00 started the show! The Hillywood Show welcomed us and they are pretty awesome. They did a little skit in the beginning and they showed their New Moon Parody:

Next we saw the Twilight Lexicon panel about media rumors and debunking them. Pretty interesting to see their 'behind the scenes' standpoint. 

Tinsel Korey then did her Q & A. She is extremely beautiful and fun in person. She had a lot of spunk was really great to the fans. 

Justin Chon did his Q & A and was hilarious. He was jumping around the stage and definitely kept us entertained. 

We watched a New Moon junket with all of the stars including the three main ones, Kristen, Rob, and Taylor. That was really cool for them to answer questions from the fans. 

We did our autograph session with Justin and Justine Waschberger (Gianna). The line took FOREVER but when we got up there Justine was super nice and Justin was very disappointed that LA and I were taken, lol. 

Later in the night was karaoke, hosted by Tinsel. It was a lot of fun. We had some drinky drinks but did not sing, we watched two really good singers then the typical tone deaf singers. But it takes a lot of guts to get up there and I applaud them for that! 

Saturday, March 13

Today was the Wolfpack and Volutri day!

Chaske Spencer was up first. He was so great. He was articulate and answered all the questions from the audience amazingly. 

Next was Kiowa Gordon. He was so cute. He even brought his band, Touche, up on stage to play a song for us!

Alex Meraz was up next. He is drop dead gorgeous and extremely talented and smart. I could not take my eyes off him on the stage and he was really humble. 

LA and I did our photo op with the Wolfpack next. They are super nice in person and it was a real treat! I'll post a better one when I can scan it at home. 

Charlie Bewley did his Q & A next. He was very funny and I think had a bit of ADD on stage. I liked it tho, very entertaining!!

After dinner and drinks, LA and I got ready for the Voluri Vampire Ball. Chaske, Kiowa, Alex, and Charlie danced with the ladies of the vampire court (super jealous!!). Chaske stayed the longest and it was nice for him to interact with his fans. But it got a little annoying when people don't share and just bum-rush them, and they wonder why most of the time the stars don't stick around. 

Sunday, March 14

This morning was a little tough to get up, but several phone calls from home got me right up! urgh.

We just finished a photo op with Kellan and Peter. I told Kellan happy birthday with a hug and I got a hug from Peter. I hope I don't look too weird in the picture. I was super start struck. 

Later today are the Kellan and Peter panels and then we have a brunch with them for a meet & greet which hopefully will be great. 

Stay tuned for more!! 


  1. OMG I am soooo jealous of you right now!!! haha hope you have tons of fun, and p.s that guy in the middle of your pic is GOREGOUS!!!! haha

  2. Thats Alex Meraz. Super gorgeous! :)


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