March 21, 2010

Nailed (Jennifer Laurens) Review

Book received from Around the World Tours

Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing (September 22, 2008)
Paperback: 236 pages

One girl. Two guys. Who says three's a crowd? When Mandy takes an unusual summer job-in construction-she has to prove she's just one of the guys. But she gets more than she bargains for being the only girl on the job. The mixture of hot guys, sunscreen, raw wood and testosterone proves to be an elixir she can't protect her heart from. Brooding Boston and flirty AJ find themselves looking at Mandy as more than just a girl who holds a hammer. Mandy soon finds herself not only lost in a whirlwind of a male-dominated world, but also the center of an inadvertently "constructed" love triangle. Mandy must choose between two guys who want her heart. But what's a girl to do when she wants them both? (Source)

Judging a book by its cover has always been something I have been told not to do, but have done anyway. And in this situation I was not looking forward to this book. From reading the synopsis I had no idea what to expect in regard to the cover. The woman on the front does not look like a teenager to me, and I had some idea, from her facial expression, that she was knowingly causing a love triangle?

Assessment of cover aside, I actually got hooked while reading this book. The realism of these characters was uncanny. A typical female high school graduate vying for a spot among one of the most ‘manly’ career paths, is bound to get caught up in a love trap, accidentally.

One great aspect of the book I really enjoyed was the mystery of love. How a person can feel so strongly for two people at the same time held such a truth and sincerity that I fell for. Both men had such strong personalities with equally great and not so great aspects that even kept me on the edge of my seat.

Along with Mandy, I fell for these two. But I was always wise to the fact that she had to choose one, and how she did that made me charge through the book to figure out who, if any!

I really enjoyed the light-heartedness and romance in this novel and I would recommend it to anyone looking for some steamy men and a girl who they'd fight for. And lesson learned, don’t judge a book by the cover!


  1. I used to judge by the cover, too, but I have learned not to. Well, almost :D I think I might read this one. Great review!

  2. Great review! I've never heard of this book before.

  3. Sounds good.
    P.S I just adore your dog. I have a little black maltipoo named Casper who reminds me of your dog.

  4. Thanks BookFreak! She is a Wheaten Terrier. <3 her but super excitable, lol

  5. HeHe, I'm a huge culprit of judging books by their covers ... but, hey, we need SOME way to decide what to pull out of our giant TBR piles first, and that's as good a way as any (",).


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