April 13, 2010

Hot Scots, Castles, and Kilts (Tammy Swoish) Review

Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers (January 22, 2008)

Little does 16-year-old Sami Ames know what she’s in for when she and her mother head to Scotland to help their cousins save MacKensie Manor. Sami feels like she’s landed in a medieval time warp. There’s no electricity, no running water, or hair conditioner! But Sami joins in the challenges of daily peasant life in order to get MacKensie Manor up and running as a working farm tourist attraction. She can’t imagine people paying to make soap, dye wool, or milk cows. What’s worse, a ghost has invaded her room. Sami can’t figure out cousin Fiona, who obsesses over an ancient family feud with the McClintoggs, but Sami’s thrilled when she has a close encounter with a hot Scot. Too bad it’s Adan McClintogg! (Source)
HOT SCOTS, CASTLES, AND KILTS, by Tammy Swoish, was a delightful and entertaining book. This semi-supernatural tale of a modern teenager going over to Scotland, with not many contemporary luxuries, will keep you captivated until the very end.

The character of Sami was down-right adorable. She was so quirky and fun I could not help but smile while reading.  Sami was a typical teenager who was brought up with everything that was needed to be comfortable in these times, but that was soon changed when she went overseas to help rescue her family land. The way Sami handled her new surroundings was hysterical. Also, the relationship between the charming and wealthy Adan and the awkward and love-struck Sami was absolutely endearing. Sami's faithful sidekick, the stubborn and rough Fiona, was a barrel of laughs when she relentlessly ridiculed the McClintogg's. All of the characters were light-hearted and an absolute joy to read.

I really enjoyed the cover of this book. It was bright and cheerful which matched the general style of Sami. I also liked the diary-style that this book was formatted in, it made this a fast-paced but interesting read.

I want to share my favorite quote from the book because it made me laugh out loud. This quote expressed the awkwardness and personality that Sami encompassed.

"Every swallow sounded like I was trying to force down a boulder of meat. I wasn't sure if the romantic atmosphere had somehow heightened my sense of hearing, or if I was just now realizing what a pig I was. " ~p. 93

Overall this was a fantastic book. It was a nice upbeat story with a little supernatural mixed in.


  1. sounds like sometihng I might enjoy reading.

  2. I would pay to visit a place like MacKensie Manor. :)


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