April 26, 2010

Tales of the Otherworld: Beginnings (Kelley Armstrong) Novella Review

Publisher: Orbit (April 13, 2010)
Paperback: 416 pages

Have you ever wondered how lone wolf Clayton Danvers finally got bitten by the last thing he ever expected: love? Or how the hot-blooded bad-girl witch Eve Levine managed to ensnare the cold, ruthless corporate sorcerer, Kristof Nast in one of the Otherworld’s most unlikely pairings? Would you like to be a fly on the wall at the wedding of Lucas Cortez and Paige Winterbourne, as their eminently practical plans are gradually upended by their well-meaning friends? Or tag along with Lucas and Paige as they investigate a rather gruesome case that looks to be the result of a rogue vampire?

Now, Otherworld reader can share these moments with some of their favorite characters—as well as catching welcome glimpses into the minds of some of the lesser-known players. But even readers new to the Otherworld universe will find much to love in these seven tales of friendship, adventure, and enduring romance.

Anthology contains: Birthright, Beginnings, Ghosts, Expectations, Wedding Bell Hell, The Case of El Chupacabra and a new story narrated by Eve. (Source)
BEGINNINGS, by Kelley Armstrong, was another look into the life of the Otherworld werewolf mates, Clay and Elena. I am a huge fan of the Otherworld series in general, especially anything including this stubborn but lovable pair.

I received 'Tales of the Otherworld' this afternoon and sat down and read 'Beginnings' in one sitting. In this novella, we explore the relationship between Clay (werewolf) and Elena (human) and how it became the rocky but epic romance that continued in 'Bitten'. I always wondered how these two came to be and how Elena (werewolf) came about. Clay's heart was literally torn in two when he was forced to make a decision between the Pack and his mate, so his decision to bite Elena was the toughest he had ever made. We also got some backstory on why Elena and Logan were very close friends. I also liked getting inside Clay's head more in this story because his thoughts are more werewolf than human and it leads to a very interesting read.

Overall, this is a MUST read for any fans of the Otherworld series. I am satisfied with my Clay/Elena fix for now, but I know I will soon enjoy the rest of the novellas in this book.

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