May 24, 2010

Detailed Star Ratings

My rating system is my own way of rating books so I decided to explain each star rating in more detail so you can see how I truly feel about a book. My opinions are my own and I am aware that some will not agree with me, but that is the beauty of having my own blog. I encourage you to share your opinion about my book reviews and ratings so we can share and exchange intelligent views of books!

A 5-Star Rating is my highest rating. This is a book that I think is amazing and/or unique. I will most likely go out and buy the book if I have not already, and it will be one that I recommend to all my book-loving friends. This is a book I will find myself re-reading several times in the future. 

A 4-Star Rating is my second highest rating. I really liked reading this book and I hope to add it to my collection.

A 3-Star Rating means that I liked the book. There may have been some elements I didn't like or I felt that were missing from the story. 

A 2-Star Rating means this book was okay. It was nothing special to me and/or the theme is not something I am interested in. 

A 1-Star Rating means I disliked the book. Most of the time this rating is reserved for books that I could not finish because they dragged on or was poorly written. 

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