May 10, 2010

Something Like Fate (Susane Colasanti) Review

Book received from Traveling ARC Tours

Publisher: Viking Juvenile (May 4, 2010)
Hardcover: 240 pages
Lani and Erin are bonded for life. One thing that connects them is their fascination of fate. Lani wonders how much of our lives has already been decided and how much we can actually influence. Since the Unknown can unexpectedly change our lives forever, how much can we really control?

From the minute Lani meets Jason, she can't deny the intense connection they share. It feels like she's known him forever. She's not sure if he feels it, too. But it doesn't matter. Because Jason is Erin's boyfriend. Lani is determined to ignore her feelings for Jason, no matter how powerful they are, rather than risk hurting her best friend.

How long can Lani keep running from the boy who might be her destiny? (Source)
SOMETHING LIKE FATE, by Susan Colasanti, was a beautiful and passionate story of fate and betrayal. Lani owes Erin everything, but she believes there are stronger forces in the universe that connects her to Jason.

I am a believer in fate, karma, and the pull of the Unknown. This book strengthened my faith in the universe and its cosmic process. Lani was an incredible character. She never tried to be something she wasn't even when others looked down on her unique beliefs and practices.

I was immediately drawn to Lani and Jason's relationship versus Erin and Jason's. Erin was very superficial and did not have much depth as a person. Lani and Jason started out their relationship on the same psychological level with each other which I thought was enchanting. Jason was absolutely swoon-worthy. He was so sweet and kind to Lani and Erin alike, it was difficult to see who he would end up with.

Colasanti depicted considerable emotion in this story. The secret that Lani and Jason held back from Erin and their peers caused much pain to everyone involved. The betrayal against her best friend kept Lani on edge at all times which created tension in her and Jason's relationship. Also, since teenagers can be so hurtful, my heart went out to Lani when her secret was revealed.

I liked the cover of this book. It portrayed the deceit accurately, and made me want to find out more about these relationships and how they would turn out.

Overall, this was a great book. I appreciated the passion that all the characters portrayed and also the magical element of the Unknown.

Here is a video of Susane Colasanti talking about 'Something Like Fate'

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