June 18, 2010

New Book Home!

So last week I went to Walmart to get a bookcase and this is what I ended up with:

Another full bookcase....LOL

I needed a short bookcase because my upstairs office ceiling is slanted so I can't have a tall one. And I didn't like how this three-shelf bookcase makes only two shelves big enough for books! As you can see I had to pile most books sideways because they would not fit. Shoot. I don't like to double up the shelves because then I forget what books are back there, I need to *see* them. And that top shelf can't even hold one book vertically. Oh well. I will keep looking! But at the very least, my books are not strewn all over the floor and my desk.

The best part was that I built it myself and it is still standing! Urm.. I think I might have used a little unnecessary force to get it together, but it worked. 

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