September 22, 2010

Guest Post: Favorite YA Couples

Today, Allison from The Allure of Books stops by to talk about her Favorite YA Couples. 

I'm really excited for this chance to do a guest post! Since love is in the air, I'm going to discuss my three favorite YA couples. Make sure and give me your opinions on my choices, and what yours are as well, in the comments! Keep in mind there will be spoilers for every book mentioned.

3. Wes and Macy from The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

I haven't read everything Dessen has published (yet), but so far she has yet to let me down. Some sort of captivating emotional drama with amazingly dynamic characters are guaranteed. Thus far, no one has touched me as much as Wes and Macy.

They become friends initially because they work together. They quickly realize how much they have in common and how easily they can fall into deep conversations. They develop a deep emotional connection before Macy allows herself to realize it goes deeper than friendship. Wes is sa-woonworthy of course, but it doesn't occur to Macy that he feels that about her too. Regardless, it is easy for the reader to see the romantic underlay to all their interactions. I just love how deep and real their connection is. It builds very quickly, but that doesn't mean it isn't legit. If you haven't read The Truth About Forever, I definitely recommend it!

2. Ron and Hermoine from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

One of the best romantic pairings in history, YA or not. It starts with a mountain troll and finally explodes over house elf liberation. Who else can you say that about? Great story to tell the grand kids.

They balance each other so well: serious vs. flippant, studious vs. a lack of motivation...they are so different in a lot of ways. But they both get sorted into Gryffindor, and they both prove why over and over again. Their bravery and loyalty have made billions of people fall in love with them, I haven't met one person ever that has read the books and isn't addicted to Ron or in awe of Hermoine.

1. Gilbert and Anne from the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery

Has a sweeter story ever been told? Gilbert is one of the most constant men ever created. He waited years for Anne: at most times patiently. He never stopped loving her, despite how long it took her to get through her thick skull that she had the perfect man standing in front of her. Anne's wide imagination was not always appreciated, and rarely understood. Gilbert never failed in being the person that understood, supported and protected her. From the moment they met until the series ends eight books (and a brood of kids) later - he was there. And once Anne clued in, the same goes for her. Just try and name a better written, more well matched couple. I dare you.

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