September 21, 2010

Guest Post: Top 5 Favorite Kisses

Hello, I'm Swimmer from Breaking the Bookshelf, and today I am taking over I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read! I am going to list my top 5 favorite kisses, and anyone who wants to can make their own post, and come link it back!

Note: If there is a star(*) before the number that means it has a spoiler!

*1. The First Kiss between Luce and Daniel!

Talk about Passion! This kiss had about every happy adjective possible! Here is a quote from the most passionate part of the kiss "The softest, featherlight touch of their lips was all that connected them, but a fire Luce had never felt before coursed through her, and she knew she needed more of-all of- Daniel. It would be too much to ask of him to need her the same way, to fold her in his arms like he'd done so many times in her dreams, to return her wishful kiss with one more powerful. But he did." Lauren Kate did a fabulous job with this kiss especially because you had to wait for it for so long! It took place on page 328, which was 291 after you met Daniel!

2. Kisses between Mates!

Not to spoil anything I must say all the kisses between mates are always passionate, and full of an exciting fire! I found it fun that as the series went along, and you switched views from one Dark Guardian to the next they always noticed how crazily in love the other couple was! It made my girly side take over, and caused me to giggle insanely.

*3. The kiss between Zara and Astley

I might have really hated this book but even I have to admit that, that kiss was insanely hot! There is something that attracts me to the forbidden kiss! I guess it is like the forbidden fruit. You shouldn't eat it but it is so tempting! Also, aside from the situation that the kiss is forbidden, the kiss itself is very well described. If I remember correctly it was more sweet them fire. Usually I take the sweetness as a sign that the kiss is to perfect, and the couple shouldn't work out but... this one was different! It was sweet in a good way!

*4. The kiss between Zack and Cammie at the end of the book!

Wow! When Zach kissed Cammie I saw his worried sweet side slip right through his hot mysterious cover up, and ... it was adorable! When he kissed her he offered to run away with her. Away from the dangers following both of them. I don't know why Cammie didn't except his offer! In the end she choose to run away alone but I think that with Zach it would have been much cutter!

*5. Bella and Edward's first kiss

Even though it was more soft and gentle then passionate and exploding Bella and Edwars's first kiss was cute and funny! I loved her reaction because it showed a wild side to the normally calm and collected Bella!

Thanks! If you have a list of your own make a post, and put your link in the linkey below!

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