September 20, 2010

Guest Review: Sea Change

Brooke from Cupcake Queen Book Reviews has stopped by today to share a review!

First of all, I want to say congratulations to Kate for getting married!! I wish her and her husband the best of luck!

Sea Change
Rating: 4 Stars

My Thoughts: I will be giving a review of a book called Sea Change by Aimee Friedman. This book is mysterious and filled with love. Miranda takes a trip with her mother to Selkie Island to sell her grandmother’s house. The time that she is there, she makes new friends, a new boyfriend, and finds out about herself in the process. Sea Change had amazing detail and I felt that I was actually in the book and feeling the same thing that Miranda was feeling. Leo, Miranda’s love interest, is so sweet. He’s definitely on the top of my favorite fiction boys. He is everything a girl could want. He is cute, charming, a good kisser, and mysterious.

The only problem I had was that I really wanted the book to continue. I felt like it kind of stopped with their relationship. If there was a sequel, that would have been better. This book is filled with Miranda trying to find out her past, what is really going on at Selkie Island, and learning that you should always follow your heart. My favorite quote was from Leo. He said to Miranda, “You can always find me.” It makes so much more sense in the book if you read it which I highly suggest, but I almost cried it was so cute.

The Cover: I wasn’t a fan of the cover being mostly all blue because you have to kind of look close to see what’s really going on, but once you look at it – it’s beautiful. The boy is so cute and definitely what I thought Leo would look like. I also love the way he’s looking at her.

Ending: 4 Stars
Cover: 4 Stars
Overall: 4 Stars

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