November 3, 2010

Guest Post: Erin McCahan (I Now Pronounce You Someone Else)

Today I have Erin McCahan here at the blog to talk about some contributions (and some not) to her growth as a writer.

Contributions to My Growth as a Writer:
1. writing every day
2. reading everything – fiction, non-fiction, best-sellers, newspapers, magazines
3. creative writing classes in high school and college
4. news writing and other kinds of writing classes in high school and college
5. listening to professors’ criticism and learning from it
6. listening to editors’ criticism and learning from it
7. learning to critically evaluate my own writing
8. appreciating the excellent story-telling skills of my grandmother, who spoke about her life as if she were perfectly crafting stories for publication

No Effect on My Life as a Writer:
1. sophomore geometry
2. eighth grade home economics
3. filling sample jars with hemorrhoid cream – yes hemorrhoid cream – those summers I worked at my step-dad’s office
4. baby-sitting
5. Outward Bound
6. dissecting frogs
7. school field trips to the zoo
8. Did I mention the hemorrhoid cream sample jars? Maybe I should retract that. It did teach me to spell hemorrhoid correctly.

Hemorrhoid cream? LOL Very funny. Thanks for stopping by Erin! Be sure to check out my Review of I Now Pronounce You Someone Else

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