November 30, 2010

What My Best Friend Did (Lucy Dawson) Review

What My Best Friend Did: A Novel
Publisher: Avon A (November 30, 2010)
Paperback: 288 pages
Book from Publisher*
Genre: Adult Contemporary
From Goodreads. For Alice, life's a bit too boringly grown-up lately—weekends at weddings and baby showers; celebrating friends' transitions to a life she isn't quite up for yet; and a sweet, stable boyfriend she suspects she's outgrown. So when she meets Gretchen for the first time, it feels a bit like falling in love. Gretchen, with her air of impulsiveness and intuitive style, is that rarest of treasures: a true friend who knows how to have fun. Plus there's Gretchen's gorgeous brother, Bailey, who might turn out to be exactly what Alice needs. Before she knows what's hit her, Alice's brilliant new best friend is turning her world upside down—seemingly for the better.

But Gretchen has a dark secret, which, like a time bomb, won't stay hidden forever. The explosion may teach them both more than they ever wanted to know about how female friendships can go frighteningly wrong.

WHAT MY BEST FRIEND DID, by Lucy Dawson, is roller coaster of ups and downs in the friendship between Alice and Gretchen. They both meet on the job and become fast best friends. They have much in common and they have a blast together...for a while.

I can't remember the last book I read that made me as angry as this book did. Angry, in a good way (is that possible?). Dawson threw me into this seemingly perfect friendship between Alice and Gretchen and then she truly tortured her protagonist. This book solidified my reasoning for not having too many "girl friends" because sometimes they can really suck.

In the beginning, Gretchen was the perfect best friend. But after Alice shared an intimate secret with her, the ticking time bomb exploded. Gretchen's 'episode' (I will not ruin it!) flipped Alice's life upside down and revealed to her the true Gretchen and how big of a monster she really was. Dawson really got under my skin when she threw Alice into crazy situations revolving around Gretchen.

I liked the structure of the book too. The chapters switch from present to past, which gives little snippets at a time about Alice and Gretchen's relationship. Although, I wish there was a more concrete separation between the chapters to signify the switch in time, but after reading the first few sentences of the chapter I caught on quickly.

Overall, this was a great adult contemporary novel about the bad side of girl friendships and how deceit and jealousy tends to destroy them.

For more info, check out Lucy Dawson's website

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