January 7, 2011

Absolution (Jennifer Laurens) Review

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read Heavenly or Penitence, there may be spoilers ahead!

Absolution (Heavenly, #3)
Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing
Paperback: 220 pages
Series: Heavenly #3
Genre: YA Paranormal
Book from Author*
From Goodreads. Zoe’s secret is out. And the powers of Hell are ravenous to claim her soul. Her brother, Luke, knows her secret: that she sees both good and evil spirits. Her boyfriend knows. At least Matthias is her guardian angel again. But now Hell’s most ruthless leader will stop at nothing to have her soul.

Albert, Matthias’ father, is relentless in his hunger for Zoe. He wants to destroy Matthias and will use Zoe to do so.

The battle between Heaven and Hell tests everything Zoe has. As she witnesses everyone important in her life suffering, she’s brought to the ultimate choice: will she sacrifice her soul to save the ones she loves?

ABSOLUTION, by Jennifer Laurens, is the third and final book of the Heavenly Series. I am such a fan of this series and author. I was both pleased and sad to see the end of this series. I raced through this novel to get to the final conclusion and I have to say it was definitely bittersweet.

The change in Zoe from Heavenly through Absolution is magnanimous. In this book, she is still fighting against Albert who is stepping up his game in the pursuit of her soul. He uses her family to try and break her will. She is definitely stronger and I was rooting for her to not give up hope.

Zoe's relationship with Weston is more strained than ever since she told him about Matthias and also the jealous Britt is even more murderous than before. I really love this couple together. I would have never expected them to be together because of what happened in Heavenly but I am very happy with the outcome.

Laurens wrapped up this series perfectly. It had a bittersweet ending but I couldn't imagine it happening any other way. Fans of this series will definitely love this book.

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