February 15, 2011

BBC: Winners Post!

I am pleased to announce all the winners of the Big Blogoversary Celebration co-hosted with Lynsey from Narratively Speaking. I gained over 100 extra followers, even with following not mandatory to enter. I am so happy!! Welcome to my new followers, I hope you stick around for more of me in the future. I had such a blast with this event, I hope to make it better and bigger for my 2nd Blogoversary!!

And without further ado:

Tor Book Bundle #1: Shana B.

Tor Book Bundle #2: Germaine D.

Prometheus Series: Marcie T.

666 Park Avenue: Allison C.

Bloody Valentine: Chloe B.

Death Cloud: Tamara G.

Wereling: Faye R.

Angel Star: Kim H.

Jennifer Laurens Giveaway: Nicole S.

First Prize Blogger Giveaway:
Stephanie P.
Len D.
Kira B.
Brooke C.
Lucy D.
Raelena P.
Mary G.
Mallary M.
Misty B.

Second Prize Blogger Giveaway:
Ammy B.
Harmony B.
Chloe B.
Kristen H.
Cialina N.
Gina R.
Ashley H.
Khyla A.
Jackie G.

Facebook: Jay A.

Twitter: Mary G. 

This event would have been NOTHING without the generosity of the following publishers and authors: 

Tor Books
Disney Hyperion
Harper Collins (Morrow Paperbacks)
Macmillan Children's Publishing Group
Jennifer Murgia
Jennifer Laurens
Courtney Allison Moulton 

And a special thanks to Lori from Use Your Imagination Designs for designing the event banner and button. You are so talented!! 

Thank you to the contributors and winners!

**All winners have been contacted.

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