February 3, 2011

Big Blogoversary Celebration: Jennifer Laurens Giveaway

Jennifer Laurens has been gracious enough to stop by our event. Since Lynsey and I are celebrating a special 'anniversary' we asked if Jennifer would like to share a personal favorite anniversary of her own.

 Also, be sure to enter to win a copy of one of her books.


Happy Anniversary Lindsey and Kate!

I just celebrated 26 years of marriage. Woohoo! Six children and countless experiences later, my husband and I found ourselves in Las Vegas. Not because we’re fans of Vegas, but because we’d sat through a 3-hour travel presentation and won a free trip! Yes, you do things like that after being married 26 years. Let someone ELSE pay for your trips!

This anniversary was spent with our married daughter and her husband. They’re going on 3 years of marriage. We had a blast shopping in the outrageous designer shops, eating at favorite dining places and watching the interesting diverse crowd that inhabits the city. It’s usually warm there, Vegas sitting in a bowl in the middle of the desert. The atmosphere is party-town, so it’s a fun place to be.

I’m anti-pornography however, and, as we walked the Strip, the street lined with workers handing out porn cards with naked women on them, inviting us to go to some bar ( not sure WHAT the cards actually say, I’ve never picked one up and read it ) my daughter and I wondered why anyone would bring a child onto the Strip? We walked by one family dragging little kids and overheard the child, who was staring at the ground littered with porn cards, “Mommy, why are they all naked?”
Good question.

Aside from the blatant offerings of sex Las Vegas offers ( huge trucks roll by with FREE BABES TO YOU, 1-800-BABES ) as you’re dining in a pricey restaurant, we found the place flashy and fun. You’ve got to love the designer shops at the Venetian and at Caesars Palace. Do people REALLY spend 3900.00 for a pair of shoes? I kept looking at my husband of 26 years and saying, “That’s two cruise fares. Or four airline tickets. Or half of year’s college tuition.” Or the extravagant shows equal to or better than those found on Broadway.

26 years of marriage makes you pretty practical.

26 years of marriage is also what enables you to celebrate events like anniversaries WITH others, instead of cozying up alone somewhere.

Having our daughter and her husband along made the anniversary more fun. We got to show them around, take them to our favorite haunts and find new places together.

I’m not sure I’ll go to Vegas for an anniversary again. But I am absolutely sure I’d celebrate with any of my children. 26 years of marriage teaches you that celebrating with the ones you love brings that love full circle. Is there anything more fitting?

~Jennifer Laurens


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