August 28, 2011

True Blood Episode 4.09 Recap: “Let's Get Out of Here”

Alcide runs Sookie away from the cemetery and Bill vampire-runs past him taking Sookie even faster to her house. He opens a vein but she does not drink. Bill asks her why she came to the graveyard and Alcide asks the same question. Bill cops an attitude (f-bomb included). They are both concerned why she is not drinking. Alcide wants to know what else they can do and he says, 'pray'.

At the Moon Goddess Emporium the witches are concerned that Eric is in the store, but Antonia assures them that he is under her spell. She instructs him to wash his face and tells the over witches to cast a protective spell. Tara steps forward and divides the line between right and wrong in the situation. The witches are hesitant but Roy jumps forward in supporting Antonia. Antonia pulls out a flyer for the Festival of Tolerance that they are going to attend to show the vamps what they can really do. The other witches go to leave but Antonia locks them in the store.

Sookie comes to with Bill and Alcide standing over her. She asks where Eric is, they inform her that she has been shot and Bill's men are looking for Eric. Alcide has a minor flip out about how 'fangers' put her in danger again. Sookie ignores him and wants to look for Eric. Alcide leaves in a huff. Sookie thanks Bill for his blood.

Luna puts Emma to bed and tells Sam to leave because Marcus is not his problem. Sam realizes Emma and Luna are scared of Marcus. Sam offers to take Luna and Emma camping so they can get out of the house and away from Marcus. Luna finally agrees.

Debbie is watching 'Cheaters' in bed and smells Alcide coming. She pretends to be asleep and he sneaks into bed with her. She sniffs and probably smells Sookie. Uh-oh scary were-Debbie eyes.

Jessica cries to Nan about Hoyt and Jason, and Nan admits that she is happy she never has been a maker. Bill arrives and Nan asks him what he has messed up now. Cut to the three vamps chained up in the basement. Nan: "I almost hate to ask.." (haha love her!) Bill tells her that Eric is missing and asks her to cancel the Festival of Tolerance, and she disagrees because it is important to keep the vampire/human relationship agreeable. Bill is worried about the witches keeping Eric under a spell and Nan gets all fietsy and tells him that the festival will happen and that Bill will be in a 'tolerant and festive ****ing mood".

Close up on liquor bottle and Hoyt falling out of bed with his rooster alarm sound. He sits on a Taylor Swift CD and packs up all of Jessica's stuff in a box labelled 'For you, Monster' (harsh!!). Lafayette comes into the house with Mikey and pulls a gun on Hoyt and tells him to get out.

Jason with the Bellefluere's and Arlene has a little flip out. She pulls out the couch cushions pretending to look for Mikey and Andy spots some V there. He grabs it to conceal it. Jason gets a phone call from Hoyt about Lafayette and Mikey at his house. Jason tells Arlene, Terry gets a little reminiscent of war time, then Andy takes a little V to calm down and he drops the pants he was supposed to get for for Hoyt since he ran out of the house before he got any.

At the campsite, Emma chases a bunny and Sam makes Luna tell him he was right about leaving for the night. Emma talks about wanting to be a shifter versus a Were so she can be a bunny. Sam leaves for a minute and a bunny replaces him to make Emma happy. (How sweet)

Sookie wakes up in a red neglige and walks to the front door and opens it for Eric (in the daylight). He kisses her (I'm getting a little sense of non-amenesiac Eric here :) ). Eric kisses Sookie on the dining room table and Bill appears to everyone's surprise. Bill says it's a dream. Then they all start talking to each other in their heads and the boys get all fangy and tell each other that "Sookie is mine!".  Sookie calms them down and tells them to listen to her. They all enter the living room for a 'talk'.

Tommy is at the bar writing a goodbye letter to Sam when Marcus comes in looking for Sam. Tommy smells the Were and tells him that Sam is not around. Marcus gives Tommy a business card and tells Tommy to pass along the message for Sam to meet him there tonight.

Jason and Andy get to Hoyt's house and they bang on the door. Lafayette screams, "You sound like a white man, you!" (HILARIOUS!) Andy screams at the door and finally busts it open. Lafayette shoots at Jason and the two run out of there. Arlene and Terry arrive at the scene. Lafayette tells them her name is Mavis. Terry tries to get inside and Andy hold him down with his V-strength.

Back to Sookie's dream: She is thinking that because she dreams about both of them that she is in love with both of them. And she proposes that the two of them become hers. They tell her she has to choose and she says it's a double standard. She gives the ultimatum: Both or nothing. They agree for both and do a little threesome makie-outie and bite session.

Flash to Debbie meets some shady guy in an alley and downs some V. Falling off the wagon are we?

Jesus arrives at the scene at Hoyt's house. He tells Mavis/Lafayette that he is a brujo and that Mavis is not alive anymore. She is extremely sad and Jesus explains that Lafayette is a medium and she is in his body.

Debbie goes to Sookie's house and…brings her some flowers (Wha???). Debbie tells Sook she wants to help her and Sookie realizes Debbie is telling the truth when she reads her mind. Sookie tells Debbie she does need help and Debbie is willing.

Jesus flashes to the night Mavis died and tries to jog her memory. She remembers that her baby was buried and wants to know where the baby is. She remembers being stabbed and the man shoveling under the tree outside.  Arlene and Terry grab Mikey from Mavis and Terry accepts Lafayette's apologies.

Alcide meets with Marcus at his shop about moving up in the pack because Debbie thinks it is important.  Marcus asks him to help him out when the shifter that is trying to steal his girl shows up that night. Alcide is wary at first but agrees when Marcus just wants Alcide to stand there looking threatening.

Hoyt and Jason guys dig up two skeletons from the ground by the tree. Mavis holds the skeleton baby (freaky!) and sings to it. Jesus casts and a bright light appears and Mavis's spirit leaves Lafayette's body. (It appears that everyone can see what's going on so I am anxious to see how they handle that..)

Debbie and Sookie go to Moon Goddess. Debbie distracts Antonia while Sookie sneaks in the back and finds Eric. She realizes that he is under Antonia's spell when he tells her he needs to kill the King. Tara points a gun at Sookie and tells her she's been stupid. Debbie gets freaked out and tells Antonia she brought her Sookie Stackhouse. Antonia finds Sookie and Tara and other witches get up too. Sookie reads Tara's mind in which she is telling Sookie to charge her. She does and Tara falls, shooting the ceiling. Debbie is in the car almost driving off when Sookie comes out, they drive to the hotel where the Festival of Tolerance is happening.

Antonia tells Eric and Roy that they are going to leave. She casts a spell on the doors not letting the rest of the witches leave without getting massive burns on their hands from handling the doors.

At the hotel, Bill is not happy since him and Nan are the only vamps in the place. A teary-eyed human gives a speech about her sister who was saved by the vamps by becoming one.

Jason and Hoyt clean up the house and Hoyt gives Jason the Monster box and tells him to bring it to her. Jason tries to get out of but is unsuccessful.

At the campsite, Luna sneaks into Sam's tent and they finally 'get together' when they are both actually themselves. Meanwhile, Tommy shifts into Sam and goes to see Marcus. Typical Tommy gets into trouble and gets his butt kicked. Tommy shifts back into himself and the Were's freak out. Alcide carries him out.

While Nan does Bill's intro, Eric arrives and he is chased by the sheriffs. Antonia casts a spell on them too.

Jason goes to Bill's house with the box and gives it to Jessica ("For You Monster" scrawled out). He tells her that he will be there for her is she needs anything. She wants him to come in and he refuses and says he should go. Pan to Jason's truck where they are doing the deed and both of them are obviously enjoying it.

Sookie arrives at the Festival. Bill gets up to do his speech, He gets the crowd going. Sookie calls for Bill, Nan is pissed and Eric comes into the room with the sherifs holding three murdered security guards. All of the humans freak out and run away. Sookie yells for Bill to run.

What a cliffhanger! Can't wait for the next episode! I am so upset that there are only three more episodes. I need my True Blood all year round!

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