August 13, 2011

True Blood Episode 4.07 Recap: “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

The episode opens with Katie playing some iPad game when she hears yelling from Marnie's cell. She tries to stop Luis from attacking Marnie but it's just a distraction. Luis (under Marnie/Antonia's spell) makes Katie move the guards so that Antonia can escape. Then he kills her. I never really liked Kat anyways... :)

Switch to Pam facing off with Tara and Naomi. They succeed in peeling off some of Pam's skin and hair but Pam knocks out Naomi and lifts Tara off the ground by her throat. A group of Generation Xers with their cell cameras film Pam, hoping to get a vamp killing a human on video. Pam let's Tara down with the warning that she will kill her at some point. Goodness I hope so! I'm not loving Tara this season...

In Mexico, Jesus's grandfather explains to Jesus and Lafayette that the rattlesnake helped channel Tio Luca to show that Lafayette is a medium. Jesus tells Layfaette that he (Lala) and Marnie are the only mediums he has ever known and he (Lala) needs to channel someone more powerful than Antonia to defeat her.

Alcide and Debbie get initiated into the Shreveport pack via blood smeared on their foreheads. Alcide is not as happy as Debbie is (and she is slowly reverting back to her white-trashness). Debbie is upset that Alcide is worried about Sookie during the full moon but cocedes to help her. They stumble upon a very naked Sookie and Eric doing the nasty in the middle of the woods. Poor Alcide..

Luis goes to Bill in his office and starts blabbing about how he made a 'terrible mistake' and relays a message from Antonia, and proceeds to shoot Bill with Kat's gun. Bill gets hit but manages to get his own gun and shoot Luis. They fight over the fancy schmancy stake and Luis pushes the stake into his own heart and gives the message "Resurrection". Dayum 2 deaths in 10 minutes!

Tara breaks up with Naomi because she wants to protect her lover from her effed up life. She watches Naomi drive away and sobs.

Hoyt comes over to Jason's and talks about his non-werepantherness and how sad he is about Jessica…yadda yadda. And apparently sloppy joe's can fix even the most downtrodden southern man.

Bill has a Daddy-Daughter talk with Jessica about Antonia. He tells her that Antonia wants all vamps to meet the sun, yadda yadda. Bill meets with the other sheriffs and gives the  411. He gives them the option to leave Louisiana or chain themselves with silver. Apparantly Bil put his Big Boy King pants on this morning!

Sookie and Eric bust into Sookie's house and they bang bang all over it. They have some cuddle time after where Eric listens to Sookie's heartbeat (ADORABLE!). Eric asks Sookie if she will still want him when his memories come back and she says she 'hopes so' ( whatttt?!?! )

Later on, Debbie and Alcide are mid-sexy time when she bursts into tears over Alcide thinking about Sookie. He reassures her but I'm sure Debbie still has her doubts.

Sam visits Tommy at the hospital and questions him about what happened. Tommy tells him he ate something weird and Sam feels guilty offering to pay for Tommy's stay at the hospital.

Bill gives the info about Marnie to Sookie and Eric. Sookie thanks Bill for sparing Eric and he (Eric) leads on how great their reunion was. Eric won't leave Sookie so Bill gives them silver so that Eric will not be compelled to come out in the sun.

Tara walks down a dark road swigging liquor when she hears something in the bushes. Thinking it is Pam, she calls her out, but finds Antonia/Marnie instead. Antonia tells Tara that she wants her to be a part of bringing down the vampires because she knows that she has been hurt by them before. She takes Tara through Antonia's memories to convince her. Not that she needed much convincing anyways.

Bill and Jessica lock themselves in the manison basement behind silver bars and silver chains for the day. Bill leaves off a strand of silver from Jessica because he doesn't want to hurt her any more than she has to (foreshadowing!!)

Sam calls Luna and gets her icy cold shoulder. He is confused and visits her at her work. She talks about what happened between them the night before and he gets even more confused...then pissed when he realizes what happened. Luna is a bit mortified.

Sam goes home to find Tommy and he almost chokes him to death and tells him to leave and never return. Dun dun dun!!! Serves Tommy right! It's one thing to pretent to be the proprietor of a bar and tell off a waitress, it's another thing to sleep with your brother's girlfriend while in his skin..

Pam gets a skin treatment done by the lovely doctor then has Ginger put a silver blankie around her while laying in her pink coffin. Sookie puts massive silver chains on Eric and stays with him.

Bill and Jessica have a heart to heart about Hoyt and if Jessica really loves him or not, and Bill apologizes for turning her, yadda yadda. And then Jessica talks about getting out of there and killing Marnie. There's the Jessica I love!

Tara manages to get Holly on her side and all the witches convene to start casting. Antonia/Marnie goes all floaty and the winds start kicking up. Ginger jumps on Pam's coffin while it's shaking and is ever so helpful by doing the Ginger scream (hilarious!). Jessica manages to get out of her chains and Bill begs her to let him go too, but I guess the sun is calling! Jason runs over to Sookie's house and she tells him about what is happening. He runs to Jessica's resuce (aww!). Meanwhile, Sookie holds down Eric and he screams at her to let him go. Jason continues to run toward Jessica, but he is stopped by a guard. Jess crawls around the upstairs trying to get to the door. There is a gunshot heard outside (I would think Jason shot the guard…hopefully) and Jessica flings open the door to the bright daylight outside.

Major cliffhanger!! I hope they don't kill off Jessica, that'd be super sad...

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