August 21, 2011

True Blood Episode 4.08 Recap: “Spellbound”

Jason jumps through the front door and saves Jessica before she is burned by the sunlight. She attacks him but he ends up getting the door shut in time. They wrestle for a bit until Marnie stops the chanting. Jessica comes back out of her craze and kisses Jason. She apologizes but he reaches up to kiss her back. Bill is screaming for Jessica from the basement and Jason carries her down. She is upset about killing Buckey and Bill informs her that his family will be compensated. Bill informs Jason that the witches might start up again so he needs to chain Jessica once more until it is dark out. Jason tries to soothe Jessica and Bill interrupts them and tells Jason they need their rest. Also he tells Jason not to document Buckey's death, Jason agrees with the promise that Bill not get him in trouble by telling anyone about the guard he shot (in the shoulder) outside.

Marcus has a meeting with the Pack about the witch/vampire fiasco. He tells the were's to stay out of it. A pup gets out of line and Marcus shuts him down. Alcide asks Debbie if she said anything and she says no.

Sam goes over to Luna's to apologize again for Tommy. He tells her that Tommy was abused his whole life and he killed his parents. Luna eventually forgives him and invites him in to help with lunch, but Emma wants a playmate instead.

Sookie pulls the silver off Eric and he shouts curses at her in another language. His wounds are not healing since he hasn't fed in a while. Sookie offers her blood. He makes sure she is serious and then tells her to keep silver nearby incase he oversteps his boundaries.  He feeds off her and then he offers his blood so they can be one.

Jessica goes home to break up with Hoyt, and he cries like a baby and tells her that he can't live without her. During his meltdown she slams his head and kills him. Jason waits for Jessica in his truck and is turned on by the blood all over her face. He wants her to jump his bones and bite him at the same time. Jessica then wakes from her dream (gotcha) in Bill's basement when a human donor arrives in her cell to help her heal.

Jason and Andy are at Beula Carter's vampire remains. Andy relapses and almost sucks up her blood from the ground. Jason tries to snap him out of it. Hoyt's mother is at the scene talking to a reporter when Bill arrives and glamours the reporter into letting him give a statement about how Beula committed suicide.
Sookie and Eric are in the shower, high off each others blood. Sookie goes to turn on the water and it begins to snow inside the house. They pull the curtain to show a snowy forest with a fur covered bed. They frolic to the bed to make love.

Antonia and Tara watch Bill on the news and Antonia freaks out that only one vampire was killed. Tara realized they were killing vampires while chanting, not just protecting themselves. Bill calls Antonia to schedule a meeting that night between him and her to talk about making peace between the witches and vampires.

Marcus, Alcide, and Debbie talk about the pup that spoke back to Marcus earlier. Two were's start a fight and Alcide and Marcus break it up.

Sookie and Eric are still on their high. They are laying with strategically placed fur. They talk about how their love is 'possible' even after everything they have been through.

Arlene bursts in on Terry at Merlotte's. He has demon baby in a crib and she thinks that Rene's ghost will inhabit the baby. Terry points out the mirror above the stove so that he can keep an eye on Mikey. The creepy singing black lady comes back and sings to Mikey. Lafayette bursts in and comes right back out.

Maxine, obviously a skin-walking Tommy, meets the oil guy at Merlotte's. "She" orders a ton of food and they get down to business. They haggle over money until the guy offers her $5,700 a year. Tommy agrees to take a check right away.

Jessica goes home (for real this time) and Hoyt is not too happy. They argue and Jessica breaks up with him. He is upset but then he is pissed. He went a bit over the line with his insults then rescinds her invite into the house. She is thrown out by the magical vamp force. Hoyt makes a mess of the place in a rage.

Sookie and Eric return to the real-world and Eric wants them to run away from the witches and Bill. Sookie reminds Eric that he is a warrior and they need to help out Bill.

Marcus puts a message into Luna and tells her that he wants to tuck Emma in for the night and he will be over soon. Alcide and Debbie are leaving when Marcus notes that Alcide is Alpha material. They walk away and Debbie tells Alcide that she needs to be in the Pack after she had been given a second chance. She tells him to stay away from Sookie because Sookie comes with vampires. Alcide tells her that she has nothing to worry about.

Lafayette dreams of the creepy singing lady. She is holding the mangy doll when it was brand new. She brings it to a house and a white man comes out. He tells her that her baby is dead and it was for the best because he has a wife. She is not too pleased with that. Flash to real-time, Lafayette wakes up and sees the lady, she then inhabits him. He walks out as her.

Sookie and Erica wait for Bill at his house. They tell him they want to fight with him, he tries to leave Sookie out of it but neither will budge. He concedes.

Marcus bursts in on Luna, Sam, and Emma. He is not happy that a shifter is there. Luna reminds him of their custody arrangements. Sam tells Marcus he is not there to make trouble but Marcus has the maturity of a two year old and basically tells Sam to watch his back.

Jessica goes to Jason's house and tells him that she broke up with Hoyt. He tells her that he can't be with her since Hoyt is his BFF since first grade. He rescinds her invite to the house and she is magically thrown on her ass….again.

Lafayette as creepy lady goes into the Bellefleur mansion and takes Andy's gun and the baby out. Home invasion!

Bill meets Antonia at the graveyard and tells her he wants peace. She knows that Bill is not alone, Sookie, Eric, and a normal Pam arrive. Antonia reveals witches at her side as well. Sookie is shocked to see that Tara is with them. Bill tries to make a peaceful resolution with Antonia. He elaborates by saying that no vampire will harm them if she takes the spell of Eric and Pam. Sookie listens into her thoughts and tells Bill that Antonia is casting. Bill brings out more vamps and his human guards as well since Antonia has no power over the humans. He tells her to surrender. Eric rips the heart from a witch and Antonia brings a fog over everything. A fight ensues. Bill saves Tara from a very pissed off Pam, for Sookie.  Alcide goes to Sookie's house and hears the commotion in the graveyard. A white wolf follows him. In the mist Sookie gets shot and collapses. Eric approaches Antonia and she casts again and brings him to his knees. Alcide picks up Sookie and runs off. Debbie changes into human form and watches them, very pissed off. Antonia continues to cast and Eric is even more dumbfounded then normal. And then we fade into the mist.

I was hoping they stuck with the shower scene from the book. This one was just weird and kinda lame. But I love any scene with Sookie and Eric so I'm not complaining too much. :)  I am happy to know who that creepy lady is now that keeps stalking Mikey, I am curious to see where that storyline will go. I loved the witch/vampire fight and they definitely left a crazy cliffhanger on this episode. I am anxious to see what other spell Antonia put on Eric, I mean without killing him she can't damage him even more right?

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