August 31, 2011

True Blood Episode 4.10 Recap: “Burning Down The House”

Antonia and Roy watch over the crowd running. Eric and the sheriffs approach Bill menacingly. The witches join hands and chant. Sookie yells for Eric to stop beating up Bill. She jumps on Eric who is strangling Bill. He pushes her off, giving Bill enough time to shoot Eric and two of the sheriffs. Nan kills the other sheriff with a pencil. Sookie stands in front of Bill telling him to stop shooting. Eric pulls the silver bullet out of his body and Sookie tries to get through to him and tells him to fight off the magic. He doesn't listen. He throws Bill around for a bit and is about to stake him when Sookie shoots massive light beams from her hands. Antonia realizes her spell is broken. A quick montage of Eric's past, including his more recent fling with Sookie, flashes before him. Eric is back!

Antonia watches over the humans who are hurt and regrets what she did. Bill goes for Eric and Sookie stops him because she suspects he is back to normal. Antonia and Roy magic out of there. Nan tells Bill to help the humans to keep up their image.

Jason and Jessica are putting their clothes back on while in the bed of the truck. Jessica said that they did nothing wrong. Jason feels bad because he is Hoyt's 'brother'. He reminisces and Jessica is kind of annoyed since she's heard the story of Jason/Hoyt many times. Jason wants Jessica to glamour him so he can forget because Jason knows that he will spill the beans sooner or later and hurt Hoyt. She doesn't want to because she will have to remember and feel guilty. She storms off for some blood.

Alcide is driving a very bloody Tommy to the hospital, but Tommy wants to go to Merlotte's. He tells Alcide he is dying. His bones crack and he goes all Exorcist. Alcide is a bit freaked but takes Tommy to Merlotte's.

The witches at Moon Goddess are locked up but checking for service on their phones. Tara tells them that the magic overrides technology. She goes over to Holly who is researching. Holly convinces Tara that they are strong and are able to crack Antonia. Antonia, Roy, and the two remaining spelled-vamps arrive. Marnie and Antonia are fighting each other in Marnie's body. Antonia tells the other witches she is protecting them and they shouldn't complain.

Bill and Nan are in Bill's office discussing Sookie and what happened at the Festival. Bill tells Nan she is no longer in charge and she disagrees by threatening his position. He tells her everything is her fault because he was not allowed to kill the witch. He tells her that he is going after Marnie.

Sookie and Eric talk on Bill's couch. He tells Sook he remembers everything and that nothing has changed. Sookie thinks that he has changed, and he tells her that the other Eric is still in him and now he is 'more'. She tells him she can't live in a world without him, and that is where her light beam came from. She says she loves them both, probably because of their numerous blood exchanges. Eric reminds her that she gave herself to him completely, and that she is his. He says he loves her. Pam enters the room and is bleary-eyed that her daddy-maker is better now. He tells her that Sookie broke the curse and she reluctantly thanks her.

Bill and Nan exit the office, Bill talks about blowing up Moon Goddess and Sookie freaks out because Tara is in there. He tells her that he can't risk all the vampires dying just because one of Sookie's friends is in there. Eric says, "Lovable, isn't he?" (BEST LINE of the episode!) Sookie wants to help but Bill tells her not to be there so she won't get hurt.

Sam speeds into Merlotte's and Alcide brings Tommy into the bar. Sam wants to get him V but Tommy refuses. Alcide says he has a right to choose his time. They get him inside Merlotte's and Tommy and Sam say their goodbyes (quite heartbreaking actually). Tommy dies on the pool table. Sam is pissed and says that Marcus is a dead wolf.

Hoyt arrives at Jason's house. Hoyt tells him that his house is empty without Jessica and that he should move out to get over her. He wants to live with Jason for a bit and Jason agrees.

Terry wakes up Andy holding V. Andy tries to deny it is his and Arlene yells at him too. Terry wants to take Andy to Fort Bellefluere.

Jason eats breakfast at Sookie's. They talk about Hoyt and Jessica. Jason wants to stay the night and Sookie tells him she needs his help with getting Tara out of Moon Goddess before the vamps blow it up.

Andy and Terry hang out at the tree fort that they used to play at when they were kids. They go back and forth at each other about how the other had it better off. Andy tries to explain how V helps him become a better man. Terry pulls out some guns and tells Andy he can prove that V doesn't make Andy the better man.

Sookie and Jason are at Lafayette's with Jesus. Lafayette is freaking out that Tara is in danger. He tries calling Tara but just it just goes to voicemail. Jesus tells them that Marnie is trapped by the 'Spanish Spirit' and all of this is not her fault. He wants to reach Marnie and sent Antonia away.

Tara and Holly are reading through some Latin spells and Tara is afraid of pronouncing the spells wrong, causing more problems. Holly thinks that the Goddess should know what their intentions are and she would help them. She wants Tara to have faith that their side will prevail.

Antonia leaves Marnie's body and they both argue. Antonia does not want to cause harm to humans. Marnie says they were successful but Antonia disagrees. She tells Marnie that the current world is a lot bigger and there are too many vampires. Marnie convinces Antonia to fight with her by reminding her that all the people she healed never attempted to help her when she was burning at the stake. Antonia agrees and reenters Marnie, now prepared for a fight.

Bill, Nan, Jessica, Pam, and Eric are chained up in Bill's basement, still cautious of what the witches might do while they are sleeping. Nan, stupidly, insults the other vamps and tells them that they will meet the true death very soon.

Sookie, Jason, Lafayette, and Jesus hide behind Jason's truck across from Moon Goddess. Sookie 'hears' Tara and informs the guys that she is still in there. Jesus offers himself to go into the store because Marnie trusts him. Lafayette and Jesus have a tender moment before he leaves. Jesus gets close to the store and is attacked by a protective barrier. He is thrown to the ground. Antonia leaves the store. The other witches think they can get out but are sadly mistaken.

Antonia greets Jesus and he tells her that he has been away and missed the vamp situation there. He apologizes and Antonia tells him that he can join them again if he can pass through the barrier. He painfully tries to get through then turns to his scary demon self and finally gets to the other side safely.

Debbie meets with Marcus and tells him how bad Alcide treats her. He tells her that it's time to find another wolf. Uh-oh!

Sam and Alcide burst into Marcus's shop. Sam is armed and they encounter a pack member. Sam takes out some of his anger on the Were.

Andy and Terry shoot cans for a bit. Andy misses several times and then they continue on arguing who had it better in the past. They get physical and wrestle to the ground.

Jesus and Antonia talk about Jesus's abilities as a witch/demon. He innocently asks to speak to Marnie about his new powers. Antonia concedes and Marnie comes forth to speak with Jesus. He realizes that she is not being held against her will and telepathically tells Sookie that Marnie is running everything now.

Tara and Holly are casting in the other room and winds blow around them. They reach for the door and Antonia catches them. Jesus tells Sookie to run (in his head) and Sookie tells the others. Jason wants to run, but Sookie runs toward Moon Goddess when she sees Tara and Holly coming out. Antonia casts a spell that magics the girls and Lafayette away. Jason stands in the street alone.

Andy concedes when Terry is man-handling him on the ground. He tells Terry he is seeing things and Terry chalks it up to being on V, and says everything is fine. They come eye to eye on everything and make up. Terry gets the car and he ends up driving away making Andy walk home.

Eric, Bill, Pam, and Jessica arrive at Moon Goddess in an unmarked black van. They unload guns and seductively and slow-motion walk toward the witches lair.

This episode had so much this week! I am glad to have Eric back (finally), but I am disappointed that she is still stuck on Bill. I really hope they don't fall back together because it's been done and we need more Eric and Sookie! 

I love where Jessica's character is going, and I hope she is not going to be one of the fallen at the end of the season. And even though I was not a fan of Tommy's, his death was definitely tragic. I am all for Team Alcide and Sam now, and I really hope they bring some of the book to life with them working together against Marcus. 

What did you think of the episode?

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