September 26, 2011

Blog Tour: Guest Post by Sandra Sookoo (Marking Time)

Today I have Sandra Sookoo on the blog for a guest post as a part of the Sizzling PR tour for Marking Time. Enjoy!

What’s the deal with all those clothes?

Though I love writing stories set in historical time lines, there are a few things that make such a venture difficult—namely the clothes.

Imagine your daily routine now: wake up to the alarm, stumble out of bed and into a nice, warm shower, blow dry your hair, put on makeup, get dressed in barely-there panties, a bra, some sort of shirt and pants then slide your feet into some sort of shoes. That’s it.

Now imagine yourself living back at the turn of the last century, circa 1900. You wake up to no alarm. There were no electronic devices—or electricity. No shower either, though running water was around in some parts of America, there wasn’t water heaters or the aforementioned electricity. Sometimes women had a bath but those usually came at the end of the day and not every day at that. Only loose women wore makeup during this time, so you’d go bare in the face department. Oh, and the hair? Most of the time it was put up. Why? All that hanging hair would get in the way of work and it would get dirty so it was pinned up.

Undergarments? Well, depending on your station in life you’d wear a camisole and drawers, petticoats, a corset, garters and hose, either a skirt and blouse or a dress, gloves, bonnet/hat and button-up boots (or slippers for evening) Now imagine how much that extra fabric would weigh let alone try to move around (or climb into and out of carriages) with the corset.

Imagine you’re locked in an embrace with your beau. Too many clothes are…well too many clothes. I wonder how many girls changed their minds during the fight with the fabric? LOL
Tough, huh?

Bet your life doesn’t seem so bad right about now.

Now that you’re grinning, I brought a blurb and never before read excerpt from my latest book MARKING TIME. It’s a blend of paranormal and time travel historical romance.


Ava Lesarris has her life figured out. She has a great job, has accepted her latent wolf shifter identity and is looking forward to climbing the corporate ladder. When a faulty GPS unit leads her to a town called Strange Hollow, she’s in a quandary, even more so when she’s suddenly transported back to the year 1900.

Sam Tremaine is the last of his kind. He’s a phoenix, living in Strange Hollow during what should have been its greatest time—the founding year, but he can’t enjoy it. He’s dying which leaves him with one regret. He’s never found a woman whose spirit is as strong as his own. He wants be remembered but time is running out, not to mention he hasn’t been able to get “it” up for months.

Worlds collide as the past and present come together in Strange Hollow. Ava will need to figure out her purpose while Sam struggles to come to terms with his fate. If they’re lucky, the special town will offer the answers they’re both seeking before the next phase of life begins.

“Call me Ava.”
The name sounded lyrical to his ears. “Please, sit with me for a moment. I would imagine you have questions.” Waiting to settle himself until after she had done so, Sam grinned. “Continue.”
“Actually, they’re more demands at this point. Did you know these people are trying to force me to wear a torture device disguised as a corset?” Her green eyes flashed with the force of her ire. “That may be the norm in this time period, but where I come from, we’re much smarter. Steel boning? Really? Do they even know how unhealthy that is? Underwire bras are the thing. If they work on them now, the lingerie could be invented sooner.”
“I see.” He raked his gaze along her tailored suit, appreciating how the cut of the fabric hugged her curves and how the silky material of the shirt beneath was sheer enough he saw the faint whisper of lace beneath. At that moment he’d give half his fortune to look his fill on such a modern interpretation on foundation garments. “Perhaps you should tell me more about them?” She cleared her throat and he snapped his focus back to her face. He’d been well and truly caught. “I apologize. Please ignore my last comment.”
“Men are all the same.”
The urge to return to the introductory stage burned strong. “Again, I am sorry. I have never encountered a woman quite as forward speaking as you.”
“Forward speaking? What the hell does that mean?” Her glare could usher in an early winter. “Did you think I’d sit around and wait to be called upon or something? Rush over to you and ask to wait on your exulted self hand and foot?” An arched eyebrow rose. “Yeah, so not going to work with me, buddy.”
Fascinating woman. I must know more. “Then you confirm you are some sort of time traveler?” How very interesting.
“Duh. Are you not listening to me? Are we speaking the same language?”
“Very well.” Sam couldn’t contain the wide grin from her words. “Let’s try a civil conversation and go from there.”
“Fine, and then maybe you can point me in the direction of a bar? I could really use a cold one right about now.”
“A cold what?” The woman’s phrasing held him captivated. Her speech and figure kept him spellbound.
She rolled her eyes. “A beer. Surely you folks have heard of that?”
“Of course, but ladies in this time period do not indulge, neither do they frequent bars, unless they are of a certain profession that goes hand in hand with liquor.” He raised an eyebrow for emphasis. A stab of pleasure went through him when a wash of pink stained her cheeks. “Ah, I can see you are not that type of woman.”
“I could surprise you, although I draw the line at trading sex for money. If that’s what you’re thinking, just stop.” The woman crossed one leg over the other at the knee and his gaze slid to her footwear. Much different from the beaded satin slippers he was familiar with, these shoes appeared to be tooled from supple leather and sported a heel of at least four inches in height. How did one walk in such uncomfortable-looking things? Yet the extreme footwear showed off her high instep. Erotic images danced through his mind of her clad only in a corset and those shoes. Damnation, knowing this woman would be trouble.
His estimation of her swung back toward a fallen woman, despite her protest. A new wave of heated desire crept over his skin, yet left his cock untouched. He had to know more. “Where and when do you hail from? Why exactly are you here? I apologize for the rapid-fire questions, but from the death glances of that battle-ax guard dog, our time together will be limited.”

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Thanks Sandra for stopping by!!

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  1. Great excerpt and your final hook, such a tease.
    best wishes with your book

  2. Thanks for coming Sherry!

    (where did my other comments go? I hope the other person that commented doesn't get lost)

  3. Enjoyed the to read the entire book!
    Thanks for the giveaway, too!

  4. LOL I always wondered what old-fashioned heroes would make of a time-traveling woman's undergarments.

  5. Oooh this sounds really good! Love that book cover! Seems like the author had a lot of fun researching for this. All that clothes seems overrated! :)

    Also, thanks for the giveaway. I'm in love with those super cute pendants!


  6. Hi Jessica! I did enjoy researching. Almost all of my historicals are set during this time period :-) However, I did buy a camisole and drawers this time around LOL

  7. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway opportunity. I enjoyed the excerpt from Marking Time and would love to read it.


  8. Hi Sandra. Your book sounds so good and interesting. I like that she captivates him with her foward talking. LOL. Those watches are pretty. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  9. It's on my TRL. I love the excerpt and the cover. These watch pendants are really beautiful. Thanks for the chance. Good luck to everyone. GFC name is Lucky47.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  10. Nice cover. The guy screams mysterious. :D The pendants. AMAZING! Love them. Thanks for the chance. GFC-TayteH

  11. I was laughing reading about all the clothing. LOVED the excerpt thank you.


  12. Thanks Tayte! Sam's pretty mysterious :-)
    Hi Marybelle. Glad you liked the clothing explanation :-)

  13. I so very much enjoyed reading your post, Sandra! :-) And I am looking forwad to reading your book!


  14. Thanks for coming out everyone! I hope you'll check out Marking Time :-)

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