September 27, 2011

The Crown on Your Head by Nancy Tillman: Giveaway

Thanks to Macmillan Children's Publishing, I am able to celebrate the newest release from Nancy Tillman, The Crown on Your Head, with a book trailer and giveaway. Enjoy the trailer, check out the links and be sure to enter!


About "The Crown on Your Head":

"...Bestselling author and artist Nancy Tillman has found another beautiful way to celebrate the embraces of our dear ones, and to reassure us, no matter how old or how young, that we are loved."

From Kirkus Reviews. Every child is unique and special and loved, and one is told so, over and over, in this sentimental ode.

A little one is told that he wears a sparkling crown made of such esoteric materials as moonlight and fireflies. This crown will protect him and give him the ability to achieve anything he can dream and believe. Tillman employs couplets with a few tortured, but mostly accessible rhymes, some lovely imagery and lots of exclamation points. Full- and double-page spreads of super-bright, sharply colored illustrations convey the essence of the text as they depict the child with his crown glowing like a halo in endless fields of flowers or on an African plain with the most gentle elephants, zebra, antelopes and leopards in perfect sunny days and moonlit nights in the best of all possible worlds. But it is all just too perfect. The hyperbole becomes cloying as the child is told he is "chosen," "magnificent," "born to shine" and a "twinkling, little star." Before overweening self-esteem and elitism are carried too far, the child is reminded that all his friends have crowns of equal value. But, of course, his crown is his best friend. Parents and grandparents will love to read this aloud to their little ones, but it might be too much of a good thing.

An inspirational message that needs to be a little more earthbound. (Picture book. 4-8)

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