October 14, 2011

The Dragonfly Prophecy by Jacquelyn Castle: Interview & Giveaway

Today I have Jacquelyn Castle, author of The Dragonfly Prophecy, on the blog for an interview. Also be sure to enter for a chance to win the book, open Internationally!

At what point in your finance day job did you decide to drop everything and write for a living?

I would love to say that I "quit my day job," but I haven't been able to do that just yet. Hopefully that will happen soon so I can do what I LOVE and have a real passion for - writing! I try to make time in my schedule to write each and every day. Sometimes I even wake at night when I can't find an extra minute in the day!

Did you do any research for The Dragonfly Prophecy? What did that entail?

Yes. I researched a lot about mystical things like auras and palm reading. I'm a spiritual person, but not as much as Paige is in the story, so I knew some things about universal energy and dreams. The original title was "Dream Me Awake" until I read up on dream interpretations. That's when I discovered the meaning of dragonflies and wove that into the story. I wanted to have something real to tie the supernatural parts to.

What character(s) came easy to you in TDP? Any of them that were tough to navigate?

The easiest characters were Paige and Aunt Fay. Paige, because she's a little like me, or how others perceive me: quirky, fun, whacky, and spiritual. Aunt Fay because I modeled her after my sister. Aunt Fay's house is actually my sister's house, which was such an inspirational place to write. Most of this story was written in "Lexi's room" with the river running outside the window and the breeze blowing the scent of the flowers through the window. Sometimes, I'd get so absorbed in the writing that I felt like I was Lexi!

The hardest character to navigate was Lexi, the heroine. I tried to convey her teenaged angst, her annoyance with her parents and her insecurity and show that she had typical teenage issues. Then I wanted her to overcome them, and find that she was always a strong and capable young woman who could handle whatever came her way. I hope I accomplished that!

What do you love about writing YA? Have you tried your hand a writing adult?

I love writing YA because I consider myself a "young soul." There's always a part of my life in all of my YA stories and it's fun to reflect on those times and then change them around if they weren't all that interesting! In YA it's easier to create whatever world I want for my characters and entertain the reader with magical, almost unbelievable tales. I find that kids aren't quite as demanding in their reading as adults are. They don't analyze it, they either like it and will devour it or they don't and it winds up in the Goodwill bin.

I have written adult and I'm almost finished with my first Sci-Fi Adult Novel. It was so much fun to write and very creepy at the same time because, you never know, something like that could happen someday. Authors a century ago didn't think people would be reading their works on Kindles. So anything's possible!

What is a book in the past year you would recommend to an avid reader?

Just one? That's so not fair! I would recommend Kill Me if You Can by James Patterson. I'm only a few chapters in, but it is so hard to put down! For YA I'd recommend any or all of the House of Night books. Call me if you want the full list!!!

Thanks for stopping by Jacquelyn!

Publisher: Class Act Books (July 15, 2011)
Paperback: 316 Pages
Jacquelyn Castle's Website | Blog
Purchase Links: Paperback | eBook 
From Goodreads. Lexi Blane has it all. Other than the unexplained fainting spells and a lot of creepy nightmares, her destiny is exactly as she planned - damned near perfect. But an unexpected twist of fate sends William Bradford, the richest, hottest, most popular guy on campus, to fall in love with her to the point of infatuation. Now, it's perfect.
Life is good.

And just like that - her world crumbles to pieces.
She doesn't remember the horrible accident and no one alive remembers William. As she tries to decipher what is real and what her genius mind created, she learns that nothing is ever what it seems and her friends know a lot more than they say.

Chace, Lexi's childhood playmate who went from geek to god over the summer, battles his own demons to help her see herself for who and what she really is. Emotions run wild and Lexi finds herself in a predicament where one wrong choice could mean the end of the world. Will Lexi choose her path of destiny - or will her destiny choose her?

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