October 27, 2011

If You Hear Her by Shiloh Walker: Blog Tour

Publisher: Ballantine Books (October 25, 2011)
Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Series: The Ash Trilogy #1
Genre: Adult Romance Suspense
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From Goodreads. A CRY IN THE WOODS.

The scream Lena Riddle hears in the woods behind her house is enough to curdle her blood—she has no doubt that a woman is in real danger. Unfortunately, with no physical evidence, the local law officers in small-town Ash, Kentucky, dismiss her claim. But Lena knows what she heard—and it leaves her filled with fear and frustration.

Ezra King is on leave from the state police, but he can’t escape the guilty memories that haunt his dreams. When he sees Lena, he is immediately drawn to her. He aches to touch her—to be touched by her—but is he too burdened by his tragic past to get close? When Ezra hears her story of an unknown woman’s screams, his instincts tell him that Lena’s life is also at risk—and his desire to protect her is as fierce as his need to possess her.

Review by Kate
IF YOU HEAR HER, by Shiloh Walker, is the phenomenal kick-off to a great adult suspense series. I will read anything that Walker writes because her characters and plots are flawless and thought-provoking. In her newest trilogy she creates a spine-tingling thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And as always, her love scenes and romantic chemistry is steaming hot!

This book starts off the Ash Trilogy with a bang. Lena, a blind chef, and Ezra, a detective on medical leave, team up to investigate after Lena hears screams in the night. They have an immediate connection that runs deep emotionally and physically and is undoubtedly electric. I really loved the dynamic between Lena and Ezra. Ezra has a troubled past that keeps him secluded in Ash, Kentucky, but when he spots the gorgeous Lena his heart begins to beat again. It was interesting to have a blind character as one of the MC's. I was interested to see how Walker would handle that but as usually she was flawless. Walker's descriptions of Lena's life without sight was definitely unique. Lena is a strong woman and her adaptability shows her willfulness and courage to live her own life on her terms. And the love scenes between Lena and Ezra were definitely passionate and steamy!

Along with the main story, Walker included many of the other townspeople in this story. I read the summaries for the rest of the series and the characters introduced in this book will definitely be back for books two and three. Right off the bat I was a little confused with the introduction of many characters but eventually they all wove together in my mind as the story took shape.

The suspense in the story was definitely heart-pounding. The 'bad guy' is a nasty dude and reading his scenes and what he did to women made me really hate him. As I always say, if an author can make me loathe a character then he/she has done his/her job in my mind!

Overall, great book and great introduction to a series that I will be placing high on my list of books to read this coming year. Fans of Walker will love it and if you haven't experienced this awesome author yet, this series will surely get you hooked!

Thanks to Shiloh Walker for donating the book to The Book Vixen to do this tour. Be sure to drop by on the other stops on the tour for more great reviews!

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