October 13, 2011

The Secret Circle 1.04: "Heather"

This episode opens with Nick and Melissa getting ready for school and he uses their combined magic to undress her again. Saucy!

At school Diana and Cassie talk about Heather Barnes. She apparently spent time in a psych hospital after the accident. Heather has a brother at Finn Creek, Diana is unable to go with Cassie so she enlists Adam to go instead. Cassie tries to refuse but Diana pushes the subject because they are 'all friends'.  Not sure why Diana is always bringing the love birds together..

Melissa helps Faye magically open her locker. Faye is still bummed that they aren't more like The Craft witches and wants Melissa to practice with her. Melissa says she has plans and Faye guesses it's with Nick. She tells Melissa that Nick is a dog and that will never change. Didn't she just hook them up last episode? Jealous much?

Cassie and Adam travel to Finns Creek and find Heather's brother, Wade. They question him about talking to Heather and he invites them in. Heather is sitting in a rocking chair, eyes blank. Wade says she's been like that since the accident. All of a sudden Heather wigs out and grabs Cassie. Adam and Wade pull her off and Heather resumes her blank stare. Wade blames Cassie for doing something to Heather. Cassie notices a mark on Heather's arm. Adam and Cassie both leave with condolences.

Outside of the house Cassie and Adam talk about the mark. Cassie says that her mother did that to Heather. They go to Cassie's house and she shows Adam her mother's Book of Shadows. Inside shows the mark that Amelia put on Heather. They go through the book together and find the mark. Cassie confirms that her mother put the curse on Heather. Cassie wants to undo the spell so that Heather can talk to them about what happened the night of the fire. Adam agrees.

At The Boathouse, Faye sits down with Melissa who is waiting for Nick. Faye apologizes about before but points out that Nick is chatting up a girl outside. Nick comes inside and Melissa flips out on him saying that he will never change.

In the witch house, Cassie and Adam are getting the potions together to reverse the spell on Heather. Adam pricks Cassie's finger for her blood, the last ingredient in the potion. They are still holding hands when Diana comes in. She convinces them that undoing the spell is a bad idea and she gets Adam on her side to not help Cassie.

Faye approaches Cassie in the witch house. Cassie tells Faye about Heather and how she wants to undo the spell. Faye agrees to help her if she can read Cassie's Book of Shadows. Faye and Cassie go back to the Barnes home when Wade is gone. They perform the spell but nothing happens. Wade comes back into the house and the girls are not there. A gross worm of some kind travels through Heather's skin from the mark to her head, she wakes from her stupor and attacks Wade.

Melissa is at Nick's house when he gets home. She apologizes for acting jealous since she is not his girlfriend. He accepts her apology. They are too cute!!

At The Boathouse, Diana shows Adam her Book of Shadows. Inside there is a section about black magic/demons. She goes on about how snakes and insects are used for vessels for dark energy. Adam realizes that Heather was possessed. The mark on her arm was to keep the demon suppressed. Adam goes to call Cassie to let her know what they discovered.

At Cassie's house, Faye is reading the Book of Shadows. There is a knock at the door and Cassie answers it. There is no one there. Heather appears in the house and is looking for Amelia. She is freaking out and scratching her mark. Cassie tells her that Amelia is dead and Heather starts crying. Cassie tells her that she is Amelia's daughter. Heather tells her that Amelia wanted to take Cassie far away after the accident. Cassie presses for more information. Heather tells Cassie that evil went inside her that night and Amelia stopped the pain, but now it has returned. Heather throws herself around the room. Let's stop here for a moment, how loud is Faye's mental reading that she did not hear anything up to that point? Heather asks Cassie for help but Cassie doesn't know how. Heather pulls some Exorcist stuff and passes out. When Heather comes to she tells Cassie what happened the night of the fire. She went looking for Amelia but couldn't find her at first. She says that wherever witches are, evil follows. And they had been summoned and were trying to use Amelia's circle. One of them went into Heather. Cassie is confused and Heather tells her they are demons. She becomes possessed and pushes Cassie against the refrigerator and knocks her out.

Adam keeps trying to call Cassie. Faye picks up and messes with him. Downstairs she mocks Adam to Cassie until she sees the girl on the floor. Heather (armed with a fire poker) goes after Faye. Of course she goes up the stairs instead of out the front door, typical slasher flick mistake! Adam and Diana hear Faye screaming on the phone. Demon-Heather jumps up the stairs and attacks Faye in Cassie's bedroom. Faye tries to get the windows open but they are locked. Nick and Melissa see her and come into Cassie's house to help. Cassie wakes up downstairs. Demon-Heather chokes Faye and Cassie comes in and throws her off. They run downstairs and a chase ensues. Nick and Melissa arrive to help out but Heather runs out the front door. Wade runs after Heather but she ends up getting hit by a car and killed.

The ambulance takes Heather away but not before the demon worm/snake leaves Heather's body and hides out in Nick's jacket. Cassie apologizes again to Wade and he leaves saying Heather is in peace now. Melissa and Nick leave together, then Faye on her own. Diana tells Cassie what she read in her book about demons. Cassie feels bad for getting mixed up in magic she doesn't know about.

Nick and Melissa go back to his house. Nick tells Melissa that he is always going to disappoint her and she deserves better. Melissa tells him that she is not disappointed. And they make up again.

Cassie attempts to clean up the house when Adam arrives to help her and make sure she is okay. She asks if Diana knows he is there and he says no. Ouuuuuu!!!! He says that is what friends do for each other. Adam is glad that Cassie found out that her mother was not trying to hurt Heather but help her. Cassie regrets putting everyone in danger, but Adam says that they need to find out what happened at the accident because all their lives are in danger because of it.

At Nick's house the snake/worm comes out and it looks like it's going for Nick but ends up going into Melissa's ear. Oh snap!

I'm loving this series even more each week. I think it's the perfect blend of paranormal and romance and it always ends leaving me wanting more. I can't wait to see what happens with Cassie and Adam, and I hope something happens soon. I'm not feeling the Adam/Diana relationship at all and I'm desperate to see it end!

What did you think of this week's episode?

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