October 20, 2011

The Secret Circle 1.05: "Slither"

This episode opens with Nick getting Melissa up from bed to go to school. She claims she has a headache and Nick tries to wake her up. She throws him off him and apologizes but she doesn't feel well. She turns and we see the snake demon under her skin. ICK!
Cassie and her Grandmother talk about what happened the night before when Heather got hit by the car. Grandma tells Cassie that Heather and Amelia were good friends growing up. Cassie evades any questions about the night before, but reveals she was with Faye and Diana. Grandma is happy Cassie is making friends. She tells Cassie that she can open up to her about anything and Cassie just leaves. RUDE!

At school, Melissa is twitchy and doesn't understand why. Diana and Cassie talk about the previous Circle being spell bound from the 'Elders' so she doesn't want Cassie talking to her Grandmother about their Circle.

In Dawn's office she talks to Charles about Heather. They make plans to meet that night under the Blood Moon so they can attempt to get their powers back to protect the kids.

In the hallway, Diana informs Faye that their parents are dating, she is not pleased.

Melissa is at her locker and does a flip out against them. (We can assume possession?) Nick helps demon-Melissa up and she tells him that she needs his help digging up her family's Book of Shadows in the woods. She says it will be their secret. Later that night, Nick digs up a suitcase under Melissa's supervision.

At dinner, Cassie and Grandma are having awkward conversations. They find Amelia to be a common ground. Cassie asks why Amelia left and Grandma says that she was never honest with her and she wishes she could have helped. Cassie gets a text and rushes out on dinner.

At the witch house, Faye arrives after Melissa calls her there. Nick is confused because he thought it was supposed to be their secret. Melissa reveals she was using Nick to dig up the case so that Faye and her can share the book. Demon-Melissa is awkwardly sensual with Faye and tells her that nothing can come between them.

At the docks, Dawn and Charles cast a spell under the Blood Moon to gain power back in their crystals. They are unsuccessful.

At Diana's house, Adam and her share a home cooked meal. A whipped cream fight ensues and soon enough they are in the bedroom. Oh-lala!

Cassie arrives at the house and Demon-Mel informs them that they need the whole circle to get the case open. Cassie wants to open it and Demon-Mel goes all deep voice and creepy. Cassie calls Adam and Diana to see where they are. The suitcase is moving on its own and Cassie asks what is in the suitcase. They see the snake-demon inside Melissa's head. Faye, Nick, and Cassie figure out that the demon is inside Melissa. Nick wants to do whatever it takes to save her. Diana and Adam arrive and Nick knocks Melissa out while she is distracted. They tie up Melissa on the couch and she goes more demonic then usual. Demon-Melissa pretends to be back to normal but they are not fooled. Cassie leaves to get help. She goes home to Grandma, reveals that she knows about being a witch and asks for her help.

At the witch house, Demon-Melissa attacks Nick and tells the rest of the witches to open the case. Faye, Adam, and Diana cast against Demon-Melissa but it doesn't work. She informs them how to open the case and they all comply. Just as the case is about to be opened, Cassie and Grandma arrive and Grandma takes over. They stop the case from opening and Grandma uses the crystal to try and pull the demon from Melissa. She realizes it is no longer in Melissa but inside Nick. Demon-Nick busts out of the house and runs away. Grandma informs the others that to kill a demon you have to burn or drown it. They put the suitcase inside a tub and light it on fire, killing the demons inside.

At The Boathouse, Demon-Nick calls Adam and tells him to bring the suitcase or he will burn the restaurant to the ground. Then he approaches Dawn and reveals himself as Abaddon. He reveals his plan to control the Circle. He wants to use her body as his new host. She directs him out of the restaurant and secretly calls Charles so he hears the conversation. At the dry docks, Charles knocks out Nick/Abaddon. Charles drowns Nick/Abaddon in the water and effectively kills them both.

Cassie and Grandma hear shouting and splashing and find Nick's dead body near the water. (SOOO SAD!!)

At the witch house, Melissa tells Faye that she doesn't remember anything about that day. When Faye is about to tell her about Nick, she gets a phone call from Cassie informing her that Nick is dead. First non-selfish emotion from Faye is revealed!

Charles and Dawn talk about what happened. She tries to convince him that he did the right thing and he tells her that killing a child is something that will never feel right. She thanks him for saving her life.

Adam and Diana are at The Boathouse. She tells him that the police are ruling it an accident. He thinks Nick was trying to kill himself to get the demon out.

At Cassie's house, her Grandma tries to soothe Cassie that it wasn't her fault that she didn't tell her sooner. Cassie wants to know what happened the night of the fire. Grandma says she never knew what happened that night. Grandma informs Cassie that witchcraft is dangerous and attracts darkness and that is why Amelia wanted to keep it away from Cassie. Grandma promises Cassie she will never let anything happen to her.

I was really surprised they would kill a member of the circle so quickly, also because there aren't a lot of cute boys to look at in the show and they just killed one. I wonder what will happen next week!

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