October 8, 2011

The Secret Circle Episode 1.01 Recap: Pilot

The series opening is on a dark road. A car swerves toward another car causing it to get a flat tire. The young girl with the flat is Cassie Blake. She pulls over and the other car drives away. She calls her mom and tells her not to worry and insists that she knows how to change her own tire. We see her mother at home in the kitchen. A car pulls up to the house, the same one that made Cassie get a flat. A man exits the car and pulls some matches out. He lights them and drops them. Inside the kitchen starts on fire, Amelia (Cassie's mother) frantically tries to put the fire out, but the man outside seems to be causing more and more fire to appear in the house. Amelia is burned alive inside the home.

A month later, Cassie goes to live with her grandmother, Jane Blake, in Chance Harbor, WA. Jane is pleased to have Cassie there. That night Cassie is in her bedroom and sees her cute male neighbor shirtless in his room across from hers. She shuts the curtains, but then they open back up on their own. She is a bit freaked out so she goes to bed.

The next day at school, Cassie is introduced to Principal Chamberlain who says she was a friend of Amelia's and if Cassie needs any help she is available. In the hallway, Adam asks Nick if he's "seen her" yet, Nick says "she" arrived yesterday. Adam and Cassie share a moment when their eyes meet. Cassie struggles with her locker and two girls approach her. They share a weird moment and the girl tells Cassie to try again. She then opens her locker successfully as the girls walk away. Another girl comes up to Cassie, this is Diana, she tells Cassie that the girl from before is Faye. She tells Cassie that everyone hangs at The Boathouse after school and invites her along.

Later in the afternoon at The Boathouse, Cassie is the first to arrive. We find out Adam's father owns the restaurant/bar. Adam's father recognizes Cassie and apologizes for her loss and tells her that he loved Amelia when they were younger. He says their families were destined to be together. Adam interrupts and tells his father to stop drinking before dinner.

Cassie takes a seat and Adam brings her a menu and asks about her first day of school. He leaves and Faye and Melissa sit at the booth with Cassie. They ask about Cassie and trade a strange conversation. Faye tries to push Cassie into admitting she likes Adam, and Cassie is uncomfortable enough to leave. She goes to her car and Faye telepathically makes the engine smoke and doors lock. Cassie freaks out and Adam comes to her rescue. He takes her home. They share more adorable flirty moments but Cassie steers the conversation to his and Diana's relationship.

Later that night, Diana confronts Faye about what she did. Faye tells her that with Cassie there they all have more powers. Diana tries to control the situation but Faye is excited at the prospect of more power.

Cassie goes to bed and looks up at the sticker stars on the ceiling and sees them move, freaking her out even more than before.

Cassie is tripping out about the weird stuff happening in the town. She runs into Diana and the girl takes Cassie to a decrepit house where she meets a strange bunch of teens who seem to know all about her. Diana tries to explain what's going on but Faye (sassy chick) tells Cassie straight out that they are all witches. They tell Cassie that their circle is complete now that she is there. Each member of the six families in town creates the circle. Diana wants to bind the circle to keep their powers controlled. Diana tells Cassie that they have to remain a secret, Cassie agrees but runs off.  In the woods, Adam catches up to Cassie and shows her their power. They hold hands and make all the water droplets from the forest float around them. Adam is drawn to Cassie and they almost kiss. Cassie breaks the spell and the water returns to the ground and trees.

Cassie goes to The Boathouse and sits with Adam's father. He tells her that their families (i.e. Adam and Cassie) were meant for each other and bad things happen when you mess with fate. He tells her that her father was a bad man. Suddenly the man that killed Amelia (Charlie) shows up and interrupts them. Adam is there too and Cassie runs off again.

Diana meets Cassie on the pier and she tells her that years ago there was an accident that affected all of their families. Diana has a theory that it wasn't an accident and the survivors are keeping it a secret. Cassie fights back saying her mother wouldn't want this for her, but realizes that her mother kept it a secret for a reason and doesn't understand why. Faye is at the end of the pier and tries out her new strong powers. She brings on a storm but can't stop it. Cassie finally ends the storm for her. Faye tells her that she is one of them but Cassie informs them they she doesn't want any part of it.

Charles and Ethan are at the bar after hours and Charles threatens Ethan but choking him with water magically. After Charles leaves, Ethan wakes up and gasps for breath.

Adam visits Cassie. He apologizes to her about what happened in the woods. He tells her he loves Diana and that can't happen again. Cassie agrees. (but they secretly both want it!!)

Charles startles Dawn Chamberlain at her house. We find out that they are working together and that they were the ones who brought Cassie back to Chance Harbor. They talk about how powerful Cassie is and that the circle will do (whatever it is) what they want her to do.

Cassie is in bed, watching the moving stars but finally accepts the fact that she has power. A noise wakes her up, a secret compartment in the fireplace opens and Cassie finds a book (not unlike the one that the Circle has that tracks each magical families lineage). She finds a note from her mother in there regretting the fact that she kept a secret from Cassie and warns her that people will come for her power.

This was a pretty good first episode. I am definitely intrigued and I am interested to see where the CW takes us! What did you think??

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