October 9, 2011

The Secret Circle Epsiode 1.02 Recap: Bound

The episode opens with Cassie reading her mother's letter again and also reading through the book she found that gives background on her family. Cassie gets up and tries to light a candle on the fireplace, she doesn't think she can do it but keeps trying by saying, "give me light." The curtains behind her open and bathe her in light.

After the intro, we are in Nick's bedroom where him and Melissa just finished sleeping together. She tells him to keep their thing a secret and leaves. Nick, shirtless, looks out his window at Cassie. She gets frustrated and breaks his window with her mind and runs from the room.

We then go to Faye's house where the unexpected arrival of her grandfather shocks her and her mother. Dawn is not too happy and grandpa knows it.

At school, Cassie is confronted by the class president, Sally Matthews. She ropes Cassie into helping her with the 'overwhelming' school spirit tasks that rest on the shoulders of the overachievers. Faye interrupts them and pulls Cassie aside to thank her for stopping the storm. She tries to get Cassie on her side about NOT binding the circle. Cassie gives attitude and leaves Faye alone looking after her retreating figure.

Dawn calls Charles about Henry (her father in law). She tells Charles that she doesn't trust Henry because he thinks that she had something to do with Tom's (her dead husband's) death.

In chemistry class, Faye messes with her and Cassie's beakers. Cassie gets angry and they end up exploding and she runs out of the room. Adam runs after her and catches her in the hallway. She confides in him that when she gets mad things happen. She wants to stop it and he offers to help her.

Adam and Cassie are in the creepy house and he reiterates that they have to keep their circle a secret. He tells her that Diana found her mother's Book of Shadows and that's the only information they have so far on their powers. He tells her that witchcraft is forbidden because of the accident, and lists off who lost who in their families. He tells her the official story that the teens were on the boat and there was a fire. Diana thinks that it was because their circle wasn't bound. He is trying to get her on his and Diana's side about binding the circle so that they can use their power correctly.

Ethan talks to Henry about what Ethan did to him. Henry says that it is impossible but it happened. Henrey inquires why he was a target and Ethan tells him that he was talking to Cassie but it was harmless.

Faye, Melissa, and Diana catch up together and Diana pleads her case again with Melissa on her side. Faye is still against it because she wants to enjoy her powers even though it is dangerous.

Back at the house, Adam proves his case about their powers being connected. They light a bulb while he holds the cord and she the bulb. More Cassie/Adam touching! Me like!

At the school carnival, Cassie helps out Sally. Faye and Melissa use their power at the ring toss and Nick interrupts them. Diana approaches Cassie and tries to convince her (AGAIN) about binding the circle. Nick, Faye, and Melissa are together and it is known now that Melissa has more than just friends feelings for Nick and she is starting to have her own thoughts away from Faye.

Dawn yells at Charles for what he did to Ethan and tells him to give her the crystal. This crystal holds their remaining powers and he is using it for the wrong things.

At the dance after the carnival, Faye and Nick dance and she tells Melissa that Nick is not worth her time. Faye approaches Cassie and eggs her on about doing magic together. Sally gets in the way and Faye magically shoves her off the pier and she hits her head on the rocks. Dawn rushes over and uses the crystal to bring Sally back to life.

Later on, all the witches come together and finally convince Faye that they need to bind the circle to prevent anything bad from happening again.

Dawn and Henry confront each other, and he tells her he knows about the crystal. Dawn fights back and tells Henry that it was wrong he took away their powers. He threatens her that he is going to the others tomorrow to report her. She uses the power of the crystal to make him have a heart attack.

Diana and Adam are in the car together and she lets it slide about her suspicions about him and Cassie. He reassures her…for now.

Adam picks up Cassie and all the witches come together in front of a bonfire. Diana recites the ritual and they are now bound.

I'm still loving this series. I really love the connection between Cassie and Adam! Diana and him are not really doing it for me so I say, move on! I really love the comrade with all the characters in the circle, because no matter what is going on in their lives they always fall back on each other, which is really cool. 

What did you think of the episode?

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