October 8, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.02 Recap: "The Hybrid"

Recap by Jess

Klaus and Stefan
Poor Klaus, he wants so badly to build his vampire/werewolf hybrid slaves...my mistake, "Not slaves -- soldiers. Comrades." as Klaus so gently puts it. He brings a still dead Ray Sutton to a werewolf pack, in the middle of the woods of course! and Ray wakes up, into the transformation period of turning into a vampire. His pack starts freaking out...then someone is forced to give Ray human blood so he doesn't die...it should turn him into a perfect hybrid...Klaus doesn't wait to find out before turning the entire pack into hybrids...only something goes freakishly wrong, and they all pretty much turn into werewolf/vampire zombies. They also bleed from the eyes which in my book is very creepy unless it's from vampires in True Blood. :P

Tyler talks to his mom in the morning after Caroline was shot down by her (that's what she gets for sneaking out in the middle of the night! Shame on her!). He drinks vervain coffee and notices a flavor difference but doesn't know why it tastes off.

Matt and Jeremy
At Mystic Grill, they talk about how Jeremy really does see Vikki, ever since he was brought back from the dead using magic! It's time to contact Vikki from beyond the grave and find out why she asked Jeremy for help (Episode 1)!

Tyler and Elena
At the Mystic Grill, talking about werewolves, and Elena's certainty that Stefan is with Klaus who must be with the werewolf pack. Now where would this werewolf pack be? In the woods of course! A nice mountain range to be exact.

Tyler is at the Mystic Grill, orders a coffee there, and Matt informs him that there is vervain in the coffee.

Elena, Rick and Damon
Walking through the woods! Trying to find the pack of werewolves! Doesn't make too much sense to me, you know, Elena and Rick being human and all. Elena begins to tell Rick he's not a lost cause when tada! Here's Damon! He pushes her into the water she was looking at, apparently she looked like she wanted to swim. Damon questions why she would want to go after Stefan who is surrounded by a pack of werewolves, and Klaus, who thinks she's dead! They argue about it for a little, and Elena wins another battle to one of the Salvatore brothers. SHOCK! :)

Stefan sees and hears Elena, Damon and Rick while he is pursuing runaway zombie hybrid, Ray Sutton. Klaus comes up behind Stefan and Stefan tries to lead him away from where Elena, Damon and Rick are, Klaus asks where Ray is and Stefan tries to just get Klaus to forget him, but no. Stefan was bitten by Ray and has a werewolf bite, Klaus says "I'll tell you what, you find Ray, then I'll heal you."

Klaus walks back to find all his hybrids waking up and starting to transform into what ray is, a zombie hybrid!

Tyler and Mrs. Lockwood
Tyler is at home to see mother dearest and he accuses her of putting vervain in his coffe, and he asks why. They identify that Caroline is a vampire or a monster in Mommy's eyes, boo! Go vampires! :) Tyler insists his mother come with him, to prove that if Caroline is a monster, she hasn't seen nothin' yet! Fancy that...it's a full moon. It's high time that Mrs. Lockwood finds out what her own son is before accusing Caroline of being a monster. Mrs. Lockwood gets to watch Tyler transform!

Elena, Damon and Rick
Ray attacks the trio. Damon beats him up and they determine this would be Klaus's hybrid. They get him tied to a tree, and even though it's not yet time for the full moon, Ray begins to change, Elena and Rick decide that they need to get out ASAP! Finally a good decision! Running running running, of course Elena trips. And there is a wolf facing Elena, Damon distracts him and they take off. Later, Damon is alone and fighting Ray, and it seems the fight is all but lost when Stefan leaps in and rips Ray's heart out. Stefan tells Damon to keep Elena away, because he's never coming home. Rick and Elena, safe in the car talk about how Rick isn't a lost cause, and they need each other. Awww, I am so glad Rick isn't being such a Negative Nancy anymore! Damon comes back and rushes them away. Elena thinks she saw Stefan, well, she did he's just too quick for her!

Matt and Jeremy
They decide to try and contact Vikki, they look through her stuff then Matt backs out, once Jeremy leaves, Matt discovers a little paranormal activity and maybe believes Jeremy that Vikki REALLY is there! Later on, Matt shows up at the Gilbert house to hang with Jeremy and apologize for freaking out and has brought some of Vikki's personal items. Vikki appears to Jeremy, and says "Matty" longingly, Jeremy asks her how he can help her, she says "I can come back, help me come back." all the while Matt is freaking out asking a million questions. The window shatters and Vikki is gone, here comes Anna! Dead girlfrien number two! She shares..."Don't trust Vikki." Oh man!

Stefan and Klaus
Stefan brings back a very dead Ray Sutton, and Klaus seems very upset. He tells Stefan "They all went rabid." Klaus throws a fit because the hybrid's didn't work. Klaus puts his blood in a beer bottle, which is disgusting, Stefan drinks so his werewolf bite goes away. Yummy! Klaus says, "It appears your the only comrade I have left."

Damon and Elena
Damon is waiting for Elena in her bedroom and when she arrives, he tells her he was wrong. Stefan can be saved, Elena asks, "Are you drunk?" very very funny! Damon reiterates that Stefan can be saved, he is not okay, but he can be saved. Damon makes Elena admit that she didn't want to see Damon get hurt and she was worried about him. Damon wants Elena to remember the things she felt while Stefan was gone.

Tyler and Mrs. Lockwood
Tyler wakes up from a long night of shifting, and his mom says she'll take care of it, meaning Caroline. She makes a call to the unknown man she originally called to take care of Caroline, and he tells her not to feel guilty, they aren't human. And he hangs up on her.

She is strapped into a chair that she will not be getting out of and she begins calling for help. The unknown man walks into Caroline's 'prison' and she looks up and says, "Daddy?"

I loved this episode, though I see Damon and Elena getting closer and closer, and I totally want them to get together! I wish they would! Jeremy is seeing his two ex girlfriends, and Vikki is saying she can come back, but Anna says not to trust her, I would go with Anna, she is much more reliable I think than Vikki ever was. I cant wait to see more! I want Stefan to stay bad, he's so much more interesting that way! Or maybe I just want Damon and Elena together! They belong together! I think anyways. I really do love Klaus, he's kind of a horrible person, but he's personality is just so fun to me!

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