October 9, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.03 Recap: "The End of the Affair"

Recap by Jess

Damon and Katherine
No, not literally Damon and Katherine, Katherine makes a call to Damon, to see what has been going on in Mystic Falls. She knows where Stefan and Klaus are but she doesn't feel the need to share naturally.

Stefan and Klaus
They arrive in Chicago, a place where Stefan seems to have a vibrant past. FLASHBACK MODE! (I believe it's sometime during the twenties or thirties) Stefan is killing this girl in the back of a buggy, though not very classy, Stefan seems to enjoy it. He enters a club and runs into a beautiful blonde woman, who informs Stefan, "You're still wearing your date, she's lovely." I thought it was witty. :) PRESENT DAY! Klaus informs Stefan Chicago is magical, but Stefan says he doesn't remember a lot of it.

Damon and Elena
Elena is woken by Damon who is laying in her bed while she was sleeping...hey I'd be alright with that. ;)Once she gets over her shock of Damon being in her bed, he tells her to get ready, they are going to Chicago to bring Stefan home.

Poor Caroline. She is still all captured and stuff, tied to a bolted down chair. Being held captive by none other than Daddy Dearest. Her dad finds that she can only walk in the sunlight with her ring, he kindly removes it. He plans to condition her by letting sunlight hit her to "fix" her. He wants her to not want blood.

Elena and Damon
Road trippin' it up to Chicago. Damon gives Elena Stefan's diary from his first stint in Chicago. And....FLASHBACK! Back in the club, Stefan and his friends are scolded for being too loud by the beautiful nameless blonde. Later...Damon and Elena are in Stefan's old apartment from the 20's he stayed in. Elena finds a very long list of names, names of Stefan's victims.

Stefan, Klaus and Gloria
Back in present time, Klaus and Stefan go to the very club that he was in all that time ago, and meet with Gloria, a very powerful witch, who was from the same time period Stefan was last in Chicago. Magic works wonders apparently! Klaus and Gloria talk, and to find out what Klaus is doing wrong so he can create his hybrids, Gloria says she needs a woman named Rebecca. Klaus says that Rebecca is preoccupied, which is too bad, because Gloria needs Rebecca. Stefan finds a picture...very interesting, it is a picture from the past of Stefan and Klaus together, looking very friendly.

Klaus and Stefan
Stefan wants information on the photo he found, and Klaus goes into a story! FLASHBACK! Stefan and blondie are feasting upon a nice little lady, and Klaus steps in and pulls Blondie...excuse me...Rebecca away from Stefan. Rebecca and Klaus are brother and sister. Both of them Originals. PRESENT DAY! Back in a warehouse, Stefan pondering the fact that he knew another original but doesn't remember her what so ever. They walk over to a coffin, open it up, it is a very dead Rebecca. Except all he has to do is pull the stake out of her heart, because originals don't die.

Back in the past…

Stefan, Klaus and Rebecca are all cozy together, playing with humans, making them do horrible things, and laughing about it. Present day again....Klaus claims he was Stefan's number one fan! Time to go to Stefan's old apartment so Klaus can prove to Stefan that they knew each other and shared secrets.

Elena is reading Stefan's diaries about how Lexi helped him unbecome a monster when suddenly...she hears Klaus and Stefan coming! She hides in a secret compartment in the apartment where Stefan keeps the names of his victims. Klaus of course sends Stefan there to look, to prove that he knew Stefan in the 20's. Stefan see's Elena in the closet but shows no reaction. Klaus might catch on. Stefan directs Klaus out of the apartment.

Elena and Damon
Elena is patiently awaiting Damon's return and when he does she is very angry that he left her alone while Klaus and Stefan came into the apartment! Damon doesn't seem too concerned by it, he give Elena clothes to wear because he knows where Stefan will be!

Stefan and Klaus
Back at the club, they are drinking, reminiscing about the past, and....FLASHBACK! They are talking about how Klaus is so powerful and he is like a king...then they begin to speak about Rebecca and how she fancies Stefan. Stefan declares Klaus a really good friend.

Caroline's dad tried again to make her resist the urge at the sight of blood, but she cant, and her father amends that they will try tomorrow. Daddy didn't expect to run into Momma Bear outside of Caroline's prison. And, she has her handy dandy werewolf with her! Tyler goes to retrieve Caroline and get her out of there.

Stefan and Klaus
Stefan wants to know why he only remembers Klaus as the guy who killed his girlfriend, not as his best buddy. FLASHBACK! Stefan and Rebecca are dancing, Klaus is watching when he becomes aware of something, then the whole club is getting shot up with wooden bullets. Klaus collects Rebecca and tells Stefan the fun has to end here...and he compels Stefan to forget Rebecca and him until he is told otherwise. Klaus thanks Stefan, and says "I had forgotten what it was like to have a brother."

Stefan claims he needs another drink...a real one, and heads outside and jumps on Damon. Stefan is mad that he has come, Damon says, "What are you good, bad, PICK ONE!" I found it very funny. Stefan tries to get Damon to pass the message along to Elena to stop looking for him, but Elena is waiting to talk to him.

Damon goes in the club and kind of taunts Klaus a little bit, mostly to make time for Stefan and Elena. Though he gets his butt whooped, Damon always has jokes.

Stefan tries to make it painfully clear that he doesn't want to go home and he wont be coming home. Stefan says, "I don't want to see you, I don't want to be with you....I just want you to go." I wont lie, it broke my heart a little to hear him say that, even though I'm Damon!

Caroline safely at home with her mom and Tyler, she breaks down about how her father hates her. Her mother tries to explain that it's how he was raised and how he was taught to feel. It isn't her fault. Tyler holds her while she cries! I love them together!

Klaus and Rebecca
Klaus goes looking for Rebecca because she should be awake by now, and she isn't in her coffin and then she appears out of no where and stabs him with the stake that was in her heart and it goes into a flashback. Rebecca waiting for Stefan (who has already been compelled to forget) and Klaus gives her the choice to stay and wait, or to go with him, she chooses to stay so he stakes her. (But she's an original, she doesn't really fully die.) Back in the present...Klaus teases Rebecca because she knows that a stake wont kill him, but she did hope it wouldn't hurt. Klaus calls Stefan in and Rebecca is stunned to see him, he doesn't remember her at first, but then Klaus compels him to remember and he remembers anything.

But, Klaus has other business to attend to other than Stefan and Rebecca's reunion. To contact the original witch, they need Rebecca's necklace, which seems to be missing...wonder where it could be.

I loved this episode! I love any episode with flashbacks! They are so interesting, though I like them better when the flashbacks include Katherine, but this episode was so great! SO MUCH happened in it! I was sad a little to see Stefan tell Elena enough is enough, but I have hope that maybe Damon can come in to the picture MORE. I really can not wait for the next episode! It is going to be amazing!

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