October 20, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.05 Recap: "The Reckoning"

Recap by Jess
THIS WEEK'S EPISODE SEEMED TO HAVE CHANGED EVERYTHING! The way last weeks episode ended we knew we were in for something crazy this week! There was no room for disappointment.

Matt is alone working out in the very dark high school and he keeps hearing these sounds, so he goes to investigate, he thinks he hears something from a classroom and enters, and to his surprise, lots of mousetraps go off and there is a very displeased Caroline. Surprise Matt, it's senior prank night! Honestly? How could you forget senior prank night?

Elena heads off on her own so she can glue Alaric's desk shut, but she doesn't quite make it there. She rounds a corner...hello Klaus. Klaus drags Elena down the halls of her school into the gym, where he sends everyone away, except for two humans he wants to play with a little bit.

Damon and Katherine
Damon pulls over the car, then throws the keys away and demands answers from Katherine. She tells him she has the necklace Klaus is looking for...it's leverage. She also has a plan...and it includes Jeremy who is unconscious in the trunk.

Everyone minus Caroline and Stefan
Elena and Klaus are in the gym, waiting seemingly for Bonnie and Matt to enter, and when they do, Klaus lets Bonnie know that it is her fault that Elena is still alive, and that caused a problem for him, so she needs to fix it. After Rebecca took down Caroline she dragged Tyler into the gym to join the pow-wow. Klaus explains that he needs his hybrids to work and they don't because they always die in transition. Klaus feeds Tyler his blood and snaps his neck. Bonnie needs to work fast.

Katherine, Damon and Jeremy
Katherine knows that Klaus is running from someone, and Katherine's friend Pearl knows who, Damon points out that Pearl is dead, Katherine says that she only ever told one person, and that was her daughter...Anna. Damon points out that she is dead, too. But...he doesn't know that Jeremy can contact the dead.

Klaus, Elena and Stefan
Elena and Klaus are in the gym and Stefan enters. He comes to pledge his allegiance to Klaus and tell him that he will do whatever he wants. He also throws in that Elena means nothing to him at all anymore. As Elena is telling Stefan that Klaus wont hurt her, he back hands her and she ends up on the floor and Stefan attacks Klaus. So much for Stefan not caring! Klaus compels him to stop fighting him and simply obey everything he says. Then he goes on to kill the two innocent kids Klaus kept to play with.

Damon, Katherine and Jeremy
They are waiting for Jeremy to contact Anna. Finally she appears for him, but she doesn't want to help until....Damon bashes Jeremy's head off of a picnic table...Anna still cares about Jeremy. She reveals that the information they are looking for is...Michael...a vampire who hunts vampires. And it would be a very bad idea to wake him up.

Caroline, Rebecca and Tyler
Caroline wakes up a little sore, and Rebecca is there playing with a cell phones. Caroline asks about Tyler and Rebecca tells her he's dead...ish. She rolls over to see Tyler lying next to her and goes to him right away. Rebecca stumbles upon a picture of Stefan and Elena...a picture where Elena is wearing her necklace.

Stefan, Elena and Klaus
Stefan has finished munching on the innocent people and Rebecca comes rushing in, gives Klaus the phone with the picture on it, Rebecca demands to know where her necklace is and Elena doesn't know so Rebecca attacks her. Klaus asks Elena where it is and she says she doesn't know...that Katherine stole it. Klaus becomes impatient and sets a timer. Bonnie has twenty minutes to find out how to make Klaus's hybrids work, once the clock strikes zero...Stefan is to feed on Elena until she's dead.

Matt finds all his stuff is everywhere, he follows the trail to the pool, where his keys are...are the bottom of anyways. Vikki makes contact with him via his phone, he has a brilliant idea...he's going to kill himself by drowning so he can make contact with Vikki. Jeremy died and was brought back to life and he can see ghosts...maybe it will work for him...he tells Bonnie his plan over the phone because thought this was so stupid! Why on earth is this a good idea even if it works?!? He jumps in the pool with weights chained to him. Bonnie runs fanatically to get to him. She gets him out of the water and tries to get him to come back to life. All while Bonnie is struggling to save Matt...he makes contact with Vikki. She needs Matt to give Bonnie a message...Matt comes back to life at that moment

Elena and Stefan
Elena is trying to convince Stefan that he can overcome Klaus's mind control if he really tries. Stefan doesn't agree and reminds Elena that when that clock strikes zero, he is going to feed on her until she's dead. Stefan tells Elena that she needs to run as the clock has mere seconds left.

Bonnie and Matt
The message Vikki gave Matt was that the original witches said that the only way Klaus's hybrid's would work was if the Doppelganger (Elena) was dead. Klaus overhears this so he has his answers.

Stefan and Elena...and Klaus
Elena runs while Stefan tries to resist the compulsion to kill Elena, while running, Elena runs into Klaus who gets a hold of her and waits with her for Stefan to catch up. Stefan is doing anything he can to stop himself...including stabbing himself. Klaus tells Stefan just to turn it off (his humanity) but Stefan refuses and refuses. Klaus loses his temper and scream/compels Stefan to turn it off. Then Stefan attacks Elena. This is almost exciting! I am excited to see a completely ruthless Stefan.

Klaus, Rebecca, Caroline and Tyler
Tyler is going through transition and having a hard time with it. Klaus comes swooping in and lets everyone know that the witches say that Elena needs to dead for the hybrid's to work...Rebecca is very pleased and eager to kill Elena. I think it's hilarious. But Klaus says no to killing her, because he feels he should do the exact opposite of what the witches say. He feeds Tyler Elena's blood. Tyler starts convulsing and freaking out and...tada! HYBRID!

Elena is in a hospital bed and she wakes up, a nurse tells her shes in the hospital and she wants to leave but the nurse says no because she's lost a lot of blood...too bad that blood is being taken from her, she starts to get up more but the nurse pumps her with more sedatives.

Damon and Klaus
Damon shows up ready to claim Elena, but Klaus doesn't like that, he pins Damon down, ready to kill him, but Damon mentions Micheal's name and Klaus freezes. Damon informs him that Micheal is awake and knows where Klaus is. Klaus doesn't believe him, but Damon tells him it's he and Katherine's leverage. Klaus takes off rather rapidly. Damon rushes inside to get Elena. He unhooks everything all over her and picks her up to go home.

Matt and Bonnie
Bonnie tells Matt how stupid he was for drowning himself. He was happy to just her that one time again, now that he knows she's there, watching over him. Bonnie left and Matt thinks she came back, but he turns around and finds that Vikki is there and he can see her.

Elena and Damon
Damon offers to compel Elena so she can forget what happened. She realizes that Stefan really is gone, everything they did to help him was all for nothing. Damon admits that he shouldn't have left, he says, "I promise you, I will never leave you again." It really is a touching moment between the two of them and I love it! I am soaking it up! TEAM DAMON! :) Too bad bad bad bad Stefan has to break it up. He appears in the house and lets them know that Klaus has asked Stefan to stay and watch over Elena.

Katherine and Jeremy
They have sought out where Michael is asleep and entombed. Witch entombed him there in the 90's. Katherine breaks in and opens up his coffin. He is covered in chains and his eyes snap open.


I loved this episode. I think this one is by far my favorite episode. Everything is different now, there is going to be a different set of rules! I cant wait to see what happens with Stefan and I so HOPE that something happens with Damon and Elena. We will see what happens with Tyler and Caroline, I think that there might be some problems there. Now that Matt is seeing Vikki's ghost, we shall see where it goes since Jeremy sees Anna's ghost. MOST OF ALL! What is the deal with the crazy vampire, vampire hunter Michael. I am SO interested to see what Katherine schemes to get him not to kill her!

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