January 12, 2012

Blood Veins by Brian Young: Guest Post & Giveaway {Goddess Fish Promotions}

Today I am hosting Brian Young, author of Blood Veins, for a guest post and giveaway. Enjoy!

What are a few authors that have inspired your writing and which works in particular? Explain how and why they've done so.

This is a tough question to answer because I have read so many books. I have always been a huge Star Wars fan and learning there were numerous Star Wars novels is what got me started. One of the first novels I read was Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire. One of the things I remember about the novel is how big it was. As an author you can choose any kind of scale you would like while in tv or film that can be limited by budgets and various other aspects. Blood Veins is only a small taste of the world that I have imagined. There are a lot of ideas that didn’t make it into Blood Veins that I hope to incorporate into future novels.

Another particular author that influenced me is S.M. Stirling. I love his series that starts with Dies the Fire. It’s an ongoing series that I am currently reading and has influenced me greatly because of its unique setting and characters. When I first had the idea for Blood Veins I wanted to tell a story where the survivors of an apocalypse rebuilt there society instead of just showing a broken down world. I wanted to write about knights in armor but not in the middle ages.

I also really enjoy reading history books. One that stood out was The Road to Armageddon by W.B. Bartlett. This is an amazing book about the last years of the kingdom of Jerusalem. The political intrigue and tactical follies by the people in power in the 12th century are fascinating. A lot of times stories will focus on a few main characters but in reality situations dealing with the rise and fall of kingdoms and other entities are much more complex.

Thanks for stopping by Brian!!

A black wave has passed over the thriving kingdom of Larista. Mysterious invaders calling themselves the Dolus have swept over the land laying waste to everything in their paths and leaving ghost towns in their wake. No one knows where they came from and no one knows what their purpose is. Tasting nothing but defeat after defeat the light of hope is fading in the kingdom; but the guerrilla forces resisting the Dolus invasion have received new information. This news has provided a small glimmer that could possibly spark into something more. Captain Maximus Rex leads a daring rescue mission deep in the Laristan forests to save the lone surviving member of the royal family.

Once freed Prince Alexander Novelle along with his friends and comrades face a perilous journey deep behind enemy lines. Their destination is Castle Varanasi. The once proud Laristan capital, gateway to heaven and salvation, lies in ruins under Dolus occupation. Mysterious assassins, underworld savages and renegade Dolus survivors stand between them the answers they seek. What they find there will shatter their perceptions and lead to unknown perils none of them are ready to face.


Percival shook his head. "It's our duty to kill that murdering, traitorous scum, Novell, and free everyone. Not just these people here today. We can't do that on our own though. We need him or no one will follow us."

Maximus cocked his head and looked quizzically at Percy. "You know both their names are Novell, right? Not to mention there's no proof Prodis is responsible for this. I doubt Alexander would appreciate you calling his brother a murdering, traitorous scum."

It was clear Percival was convinced Prodis was responsible and all he gave in response was a short grunt.

"Anyway," Maximus continued, "If Alexander is down there and we don't go in, we will have missed our best and possibly our only chance at freeing him. We go."

Percival's face went blank as he barked out, "Yes Sir."

The captain sighed, his breath showing in the crisp cold air. The rain had started to let up and it seemed the temperature had dropped another ten degrees as the chill renewed its assault against his rain soaked cold weather gear. "I hate it when you call me Sir. It means you disagree with me, or you're mad at me"

Percy gave his Captain a half grin. "First, if I can't call you Maxi and I can't call you Sir, what am I suppose to call you? Second, I do agree with you. I just know when you need someone else to voice your inner thoughts and help you sort things out. Lastly, I'll make sure everyone is ready." Percival finished with his customary grin.

"I hate you sometimes, Lieutenant."

Percival shrugged and turned to pass the plans along to the rest of the squad.


Author Bio: Brian is a graduate of the University of Oregon. He works as a banker and an editor for Rogue Phoenix Press. He currently resides in Oregon with his wife and daughter.
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GIVEAWAY: Brian will be giving away a $25 Amazon GC to one randomly selected commenter during the tour. Check out the rest of the TOUR and comment on each stop for more chances to win.


  1. Don't recall if you've mentioned this yet or not but what books, or ideas for books, do you have for the future? Do you plan on staying in the same genre or would you like to experiment with stories in other genres. If so, what would those be?

  2. Awesome! Sign me up!

  3. Sounds like a great read. I'll be adding it to my Goodreads TBR

  4. When can we expect the next book in the series?

  5. Sorry I didn't post this morning. i had a busy one. Thanks for hosting me today. Karen, I would like to write more books in this genre. i plan for this to be a three part series. Also, I have spent a lot of time in customer service and have seen some amazing and terrible things. I think it would be interesting to write about them as general fiction. MomJane, my publisher would say in a year, but I won't make any commitment to that. I have started it and I think it will be quicker than the first one, but Blood Veins took me about a year, so we will see.

  6. Brian...Do the folks at the bank know that you're on a book tour? For some reason, I think it's a hoot. It's like you have a secret identity as a writer.

    It's been a fun tour.


  7. Thanks for the giveaway.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  8. Haha. Yes they know I'm on a tour. Some of them have checked it out and they have looked at my Facebook page. A couple have bought the book but like I said they aren't big readers. They actually didn't know I was writing until right before the book was going to come out. I pretty much didn't tell anybody.

  9. Haven't read a good fantasy book for some time; I've been seriously neglecting this genre! Book looks good; is this your 1st book?

    Well I've discovered quite a few things today. I'd not heard of Rogue Phoenix Press; it's so fun to discover new online bookstores. & of course a new book & author.


  10. Thanks for commenting Linda. Yes this is my first book. I hope you decide to check it out at RPP.

  11. Thanks for the giveaway. This book sounds great.


  12. I already have BLOOD VEINS on my wish list. For a first book it seems you have it all pulled together very well.


  13. This sounds like a fantastic read! Look forward to checking it out!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  14. Thanks for the giveaway :D Looks great!

    it's definitely on my wish list.


  15. I really like the cover! It has a traditional fairy tale ring to it!


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