January 14, 2012

Gnome On The Range by Jennifer Zane: Guest Post & Giveaway

Today I have Jennifer Zane, author of Gnome On The Range, for a guest post about how she created her characters for the novel. Enjoy!

I get a variety of questions about my book on my blog, such as: Why gnomes? Today, I want to answer a more common one: How do you make your characters so quirky?

When I'm brainstorming ideas for characters, I like to pile on tidbits of personality like adding accessories to an outfit. You'd never go out in just your underwear (or at least I wouldn't!) For example, in my book Gnome On The Range, the heroine, Jane, has two kids and is a widow. That's just putting your clothes on. She runs her mother-in-law's adult store. Add make up. Jane dumped her husband when he cheated on her before he died. Add shoes. Hubby died while in bed with another woman. Add bracelets and earrings. Hubby died in bed with another woman…and another man. Slap on the big necklace, a scarf, a few extra rings.

I didn't want to stop there. I wanted even more unusual details. Jane's young son shares that his dad died in a hamburger. Huh? Yup. A hamburger. Jane clarifies he died in Hamburg, as in Germany. This gives a little bit of realism to the kids, to Jane, and to the story in general. This is the tiara on top of the head.

If I feel one of my characters is complex enough, I try to think of a little more I can throw on to them to make them even more real. Aren't we all layer on top of layer of tidbits of personality? In real life, you need more than underwear.

Thank you Kate and I Just Want To Sit Here and Read for having me!

~Jennifer Zane

Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!

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Once you get the zing you can’t go back.

Jane West has everything a woman could want. A job in a small Montana town’s only adult store, two busy young boys and one dead husband. Everything except a little excitement--a little zing. But that changes one summer morning at a garage sale when her kids buy some garden gnomes.

Now someone wants those gnomes and will let nothing get in their way. Including Jane. This new excitement for Jane spells trouble for a relationship with new neighbor--and hot fireman--Ty Strickland. Can Jane and Ty handle a relationship meddling mother-in-law, crazy kids, and stay alive while trying to solve the mystery of the garden gnomes?

Author Bio: Jennifer Zane has lived all over the country including an exciting five years in Montana. She is the contemporary blog diva for RomCon. She currently lives with her family in Colorado. This is her first novel.

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  1. Aw - this sounds like such a cute premise. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. :)

  2. Hmm, this sounds different and fun. Thanks for the post and the giveaway opportunity.

    The little boy saying his dad died in a hamburger was kind of cute.


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