January 2, 2012

Jessica Rules the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey: Review

Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books (January 1, 2012)
ARC: 320 Pages
Series: Jessica #2
Genre: YA Fantasy (vampires)
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From Goodreads. It’s one thing to find out you’re a vampire princess. It’s a whole other thing to actually rule. Newly married Jessica Packwood is having a hard enough time feeling regal with her husband, Lucius, at her side. But when evidence in the murder of a powerful elder points to Lucius, sending him into solitary confinement, Jessica is suddenly on her own. Determined to clear her husband’s name, Jessica launches into a full-scale investigation, but hallucinations and nightmares of betrayal keep getting in her way. Jessica knows that with no blood to drink, Lucius’s time is running out. Can she figure out who the real killer is—and whom she can trust—before it’s too late?

Review by Kate
JESSICA RULES THE DARK SIDE, by Beth Fantaskey, is the amazing sequel to the Jessica series. Following the wedding of Jessica and Lucius, Jessica is thrust into the strange world of vampire politics. She is tested each step of the way even when all signs of a unsolved murder point to Lucius. With the help of BFF Mindy and Lucius's banished cousin Raniero, Jessica quickly learns her place and tries to save her husband's life before it is too late.

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark side was an 'okay' read for me. I was intrigued by the plot but I fell in love with Lucius so he kept me going. But with this book I was quickly hooked. Once again I was intrigued by Fantaskey's world of vampires and vampire royalty. There was not as much Lucius as I would have wanted but I found that Jessica's voice was stronger in this book.

This book once again showcased Lucius's voice via emails between him and Raniero. I loved getting little snippets into these male minds throughout the book. Also, the main narrators flip flopped between Jessica and Mindy as as much as her girl-speak annoyed me at first her investigation into Lucius's case made me change my mind about her. She is a very smart girl and I loved her love/hate relationship with Raniero.

Overall a great book! The mystery and romance in this series is not one to miss!


  1. I'm so excited to read this one and glad that you liked it!

  2. I have not read these books and this is a new to me author. Sounds good! Thanks for the review and post!

  3. I really enjoyed the first one and am looking forward to this one so much. Thanks for the review


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