April 14, 2012

A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton: Review

Publisher: SimonPulse (February 21, 2012)
Hardcover: 285 Pages
Series: Gods and Monsters # 2
Genre: YA Fantasy/Mythology
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My review of Darkness Becomes Her
From Goodreads. Myth and mayhem inhabit a richly reimagined New Orleans in this sequel to Darkness Becomes Her.After the epic graveyard battle at the end of Darkness Becomes Her, Ari and her friends know what they’re up against: Ari is facing the Medusa curse and is haunted by the image of what she will become. To make matters worse, the heinous goddess Athena has kidnapped young Violet and is threatening to destroy Ari.

Ari, along with the superhot Sebastian, is doing everything she can to learn more about Athena and to get Violet back. But the battle of good and evil is bigger than she realizes, and she’s about to be pulled into a world more horrific than she could ever imagine...

Review by Jess
A BEAUTIFUL EVIL by Kelly Keaton is the second installment of the Gods and Monsters series and the second has outdone the first! So full of action and romance and the test of friendship/family! This book will suck you in and never release you!

Ari is faced with more problems than she thought she could handle in this novel and Kelly Keaton did such a wonderful job at portraying her emotions through the entire thing and I could really feel what Ari was feeling as she was dealing with all of this. I thought what she was feeling and experiencing was portrayed really well. I really like when I can connect with the characters and connect is indeed what I did.

Oh the romance! Ari and Sebastian are like, my dream couple. If I could, I would record myself squeeing with joy for this couple and put it on here. I love them together. They compliment each other so well even with the challenges that are to come, and they are both determined to find a way to solve and change Ari's destiny.

I was really happy with the way that Keaton made the story flow and made me feel so strongly about certain things, for example, I hated Athena so much. Hate was coming from my own pores. I could feel the feelings that Ari was feeling. I was really impressed how skillfully Keaton was able to twist my emotions into this story.

I am highly anticipating the next novel in the series. Keaton is an amazing writer and her stories just overtake me. The concepts of mythology really intrigue me and the action is refreshing from novels that focus entirely on love, but I cant lie, I do love the romance! I suggest if you like action, forbidden romance, gods and goddesses, monsters....read this!

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  1. When I finished reading its preview and found out that my cousin is in their bookstore I asked her how good is the book, then she said it's perfectly great so I told her to buy the book for me. Then I found this blog, I have a feeling that it's really nice book, I'll read it later, after blogging.


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