May 23, 2012

Body & Soul by Stacey Kade: Review {Teen Book Scene}

*Series Spoiler Warning. 
This is the third book in a series, please don't read if you don't want to be spoiled*

Body & Soul (A Ghost and the Goth Novel)
Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children (May 1, 2012)
eARC: 320 Pages
Series: The Ghost and the Goth #3
My Review of Queen of the Dead (TGATG #2)
Genre: YA Paranormal
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From Goodreads. Alona Dare has been living as Lily "Ally" Turner for over a month...and it's not been easy. Besides being trapped in a body so not as good as her original one, she's failing miserably at playing the sister and daughter of people she barely knows. Plus, she can't help but think that Will Killian - the boy she hates to care about - somehow wishes the real Lily were back.

She and Will have been trying to find a solution, looking for a two-for-one miracle that would free Alona and keep Lily alive. Visits to local psychics have proven useless, but then they stumble across Malachi the Magnificent, who seems to be different. His office is full of ghosts, for one thing. But Malachi doesn't seem to hear or see them, which is odd. Plus, he bolts the moment he sees Will. To make things even weirder, Misty Evans, Alona's former best friend, is waiting in Malachi's lobby and claiming that she's being haunted. By Alona.

Will's convinced that Malachi has answers, while Alona is all kinds of pissed that someone's impersonating her. But their efforts to uncover the truth will bring them much unwanted attention and put them directly in the path of a ghost who will stop at nothing for another stab at life. Even if it means destroying Alona.

Review by Kate
BODY AND SOUL, by Stacey Kade, is the final book in The Ghost and the Goth series. I have enjoyed this series so much, I was happy and sad to read its conclusion.

As usual, I loved the flirty banter that Will and Alona shared throughout the book. Their internal thoughts never really translated properly, leaving the both of them always wondering the status of their relationship. Alona has changed so much since the first book! Her progression in personality was a treat to read. I yearned for her and Will to find a way to be together since they were so obviously perfect for each other, even though they never knew that when she was alive.

Other than the ongoing romance plot, I liked the story in this book. Alona is dealing with Lily's family and how much they care about their daughter, which is something Alona never knew she wanted. Then there was the paranormal element with Alona's former best friend being haunted by "her" and another ghost trying to push herself on Will while Alona was busy being a human. The suspense was top-knotch and it kept me glued to the pages to find out what happened next!

Overall, Kade solidified my love for her writing with this series. If you are looking for a fun, intelligent, and slightly paranormal read, this series is for you!


  1. Excellent review! I absolutely LOVE the sound of this series and your excitement of it makes me want to read it like NOW. Thank you so much for sharing and adding to my TBR list! Have a great day! :)

  2. BODY AND SOUL, by Stacey Kade, is the final book in The Ghost and the Goth series. I have enjoyed this series so much, I was happy and sad to read its conclusion.


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