May 11, 2012

Charlinder's Walk by Alyson Miers: Interview {Novel Publicity Blog Tour}

What is your process for exploring your characters?

They rattle the bars of their cages until I agree to sit down and acquiesce to their demands.

In all seriousness, I think about my more prominent characters in the planning stages, and I take notes on who they are before I begin the text. Sometimes additional details come to mind mid-story.

Are you a plotter or panster?

I do a bit of both, to be honest. I write up the setting, premise, plot outline and major character development first, but I'm too impatient to get all the nitty-gritty worked out before I jump into the text. I tend to alternate between writing the narrative and planning out later parts. I sometimes go back and revise in mid-stream to smooth out plot or setting weaknesses.

What is your writing space like?

Comfy and informal. I do most of my writing either on my laptop in my living room in an armchair from Ikea, or on my iPad during my commute on the Metro. The latter isn't so comfy, but I make it work for me.

If you could sit down with 5 authors (alive or dead) who would they be and what one question would you ask each of them?

Mark Haddon: where are the veins you open up when you sit at the typewriter?
JRR Tolkien: what part of your childhood were you unable to leave behind?
Alice Hoffman: how does the maiden/mother/crone model resonate for you?
Torey Hayden: what would Jade Ekdahl tell your readers if she could get you out of the room for an hour?
Toni Morrison: what role did Polly Breedlove's employers play in her family's troubles?

What is one book you have read recently that you would recommend?

Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones.

What are you working on now?

Far too much. I've completed the rough draft of a women's fiction which is currently on the back burner. I am in the mid-stages of a dystopian/LGBT novel and earlier stages of an urban fantasy. I've sketched out an idea for a contemporary YA novel.

Thanks for stopping by Alyson!

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About the author: Alyson Miers was born into a family of compulsive readers and thought it would be fun to get on the other side of the words. She attended Salisbury University, where she majored in English Creative Writing for some reason, and minored in Gender Studies. In 2006, she did the only thing a 25-year-old with a B.A. in English can do to pay the rent: joined the Peace Corps. At her assignment of teaching English in Albania, she learned the joys of culture shock, language barriers and being the only foreigner on the street, and got Charlinder off the ground. She brought home a completed first draft in 2008 and, between doing a lot of other stuff such as writing two other books, she managed to ready it for publication in 2011. She regularly shoots her mouth off at her blog, The Monster's Ink, when she isn't writing fiction or holding down her day job. She lives in Maryland with her computer and a lot of yarn. Connect with Alyson on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or GoodReads.

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  1. Fab interview, Kate and Alyson. Alyson, you and I seem to have very similar writing processes. Kindred spirits? I think so ;-)

  2. Kate: thank you for showing off my book! I had a good time answering your questions.

    Emlyn: Great minds, and all that.

  3. Lovely interview, ladies! Can't wait to follow the rest of this tour.


  4. her writing space sounds much like mine :) I actually wonder if I could ever sit at a formal desk space and be able to write.

  5. Cool interview. And wow Alyson sure has a lot of books to write! Sounds like fun. Urban fantasy, YA. Looking forward to it


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